Boney Mountain Ridge Fifty Years Ago and Today as Seen From Newbury Park

Walt Dibblee began providing high quality photography for Ventura County in 1949 when he opened his commercial studio in Ventura. As Ventura County grew, the demand for aerial photography expanded. Walt bought a plane, learned to fly and for the next three decades photographed the cities of Ventura County from above.

His son Steve continues the tradition today with over 30 years of professional experience. Steve has shared some of Walt's work from the mid 1950s to the late 1960s at

West Hills Hunt Club on the way to Sycamore Canyon in Newbury Park in 1955 (Photo Credit: Steve Diblee,

Steve has provided this amazing shot members of the West Hills Hunt Club nearly 60 years ago, headed in the direction of Sycamore Canyon/Rancho Sierra Vista, with Boney Mountain in the background. The shot was taken from somewhere in the vicinity of Highway 101 at Wendy Drive, looking south.

And here is a more recent photo of Boney, without horses, in more recent times, taken from "Rabbit Hill" in Newbury Park. I guess it pretty much looks the same, eh?