Apple First Generation iPod nano Class Action Settlement Refund

So I get this notice in the mail the other day about an Apple 1st Generation iPod nano (yes, they spell it with a lowercase "n" - I never realized that).  There was a class action lawsuit about an "excessive scratching" issue with this nano and that Apple failed to disclose the issue.  Apple decided it didn't want to waste time with this lawsuit and agreed to provide a cash settlement fund of $22.5 million to settle it.

If you bought a 1st Generation iPod nano and can declare that you experienced scratching of the nano that "impaired my use or enjoyment of my iPod nano" (quoted from the claim form) and you can provide the serial number of your nano, you are eligible for a refund of $15 or $25, depending on if you received a "slip case" with your purchase.  This refund can be more (up to $22.50 or $37.50) or less depending how many claims are filed. 

You must be the original purchaser of a brand new 1st Generation iPod nano to be eligible.  These uncoated nanos susceptible to scratches were sold beginning in September 2005, but some did have the protective coat on them.

The big winners...(drum roll)...the attorneys!!  Yes, the attorneys receive $4.5 million from the award plus up to $200,000 in litigation expenses.  A full 20%+ of the award.  I knew I shoulda been an attorney.  And the 11 named plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit will be awarded up to $2,500 each for their time.

For more information about the settlement and to obtain a claim form, visit or call 1.888.232.3395.  Claims filing deadline is June 10, 2009.