An Amazing Infant Swimming Survival Video

Anyone with young kids and a pool worries about pool safety. Too often we read about pool tragedies. A friend of mine sent me a link to this amazing video of an infant that was taught pool survival skills. As a parent it is hard to watch at first but is incredible (and you will see a very big smile on this cute little guy at the end of the video).

This infant was taught survival swim techniques through an Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) program. I visited the ISR website at and searched for local ISR-certified instructors in Ventura County. I came across a local instructor in Newbury Park at

Of course the best approach to pool safety is prevention. Some common sense tips:

  • Put a fence around your pool.
  • Don't leave the little ones unattended.
  • Don't get distracted, as accidents can happen in a split second.
  • Put an alarm on your pool gate.
  • Put a lock on your pool gate and check it daily.
  • Don't leave toys in the pool that could entice a little one to jump in.

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