Links to Over 300 Employer Job Websites in Ventura County and Adjacent Areas


Looking for local jobs in and around Ventura County!? Here are over 300 links to job listings at employers throughout Ventura County (Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Camarillo, Oxnard, Somis, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ojai, Ventura, Port Hueneme) and adjacent cities like Calabasas, Agoura, Malibu, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, West Hills, Carpinteria and Santa Barbara as well as the San Fernando Valley.

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Corporate, School, Healthcare Career Websites

Next to each listing is the number of local jobs listed at a particular date. Obviously these will change over time but we try to update these regularly to give you a feel for what's out there.

Industrial Tools (No Oxnard jobs 12/11/18)

Inogen: (17 Santa Barbara jobs 12/11/18)

Inphi: (10 Westlake Village jobs 12/11/18)

Integrity Bio: (8 Camarillo/NP jobs 12/11/18)

Interface Family Services: / (13 part/full-time Camarillo jobs 12/11/18)

Interlink Electronics: (Contact them)

Intuit: (5 Woodland Hills jobs 12/11/18)

Invoca: (14 Santa Barbara jobs 12/11/18)

ITT: (30 Valencia jobs 12/11/18)

Ixia: (3 Calabasas jobs 12/11/18)

JD Power: (3 Westlake Village jobs 12/11/18)

JH Biotech: (2 Ventura jobs 12/11/18) (No Westlake Village jobs 12/11/18)

Jakks Pacific (apply here for Malibu jobs)

Jensen Design (1 Ventura job 12/11/18)

JIMS: (Contact them for Camarillo jobs)

Johanson Technology:  (5 Camarillo jobs 12/1/18)

Jordano's: (3 Santa Barbara jobs 12/1/18)

Kaiser Permanente: (search for local jobs)

KBR Wyle Labs: (search for local jobs)

Kellstrom Defense: (1 Camarillo job 12/1/18)

Kinamed Inc. (Contact them in Camarillo)

Kretek International (3 Moorpark jobs 12/1/18)

L-3 Communications: (search for local area jobs)

Lamps Plus: (11 Chatsworth jobs 12/1/18)

Laritech: (1 Moorpark job 12/1/18)

Las Virgenes Unified School District (19 jobs 12/1/18)

Limoneira: (contact them)

Line 6: (3 Calabasas jobs 12/1/18)

Livingston Memorial: (12 local jobs 7/24/18)

Logix (various local jobs)

Los Angeles Rams: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 12/1/18)

Los Robles Medical Center (87 Thousand Oaks jobs 12/1/18)

Luna: (3 Camarillo jobs 10/9/17)

MannKind Corporation: (5 Westlake Village jobs 12/1/18)

Many Mansions: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 12/1/18)

Meathead Movers: (Apply for Ventura County jobs)

Medtronic: (over 100 Northridge jobs)

Meissner Filtration Products (6 Camarillo jobs 12/1/18)

Merchant Centric: (1 WLV jobs 12/1/18)

MGA Entertainment: (26 SF Valley jobs 12/1/18)

Mission Produce: (apply for Oxnard jobs)

MNS Engineers: (8 Westlake Village, Santa Barbara jobs 12/1/18)

mobileStorm: (2 Van Nuys jobs 12/1/18)

Moorpark Unified School District: (20 jobs 12/1/18)

Motion Picture & Television Fund: (20+ Woodland Hills jobs 12/1/18) (6 Westlake Village jobs 12/1/18)

MUFG: (3 local jobs 12/1/18) (No Calabasas jobs 12/1/18)

National Coatings: (1 Camarillo job 12/1/18)

NEOTech: (4 Chatsworth jobs 12/1/18)

National Notary Association: (No Chatsworth jobs 12/1/18)

National Veterinarian Associates: (5+ Agoura/local jobs 12/1/18)

Northrop Grumman: (search for Ventura/San Fernando Valley/Carpinteria jobs)

Nova Development: (3 Calabasas jobs 12/1/18)

NTS: (15 Santa Clarita jobs 12/1/18)

Nuance (8 Agoura jobs 11/14/18)

NuSil Technology: (33 Carpinteria jobs 11/14/18)

Ojai Valley Inn: (18 full/part-time jobs 11/14/18)

Ojai Valley Sanitary District: (1 job 11/14/18)

Omni Update:  (4 Camarillo jobs 11/14/18)

Ontic: (20 Chatsworth jobs 11/14/18)

Ontraport: (Various Santa Barbara jobs)

Orbital ATK: (Over 100 Goleta, Northridge jobs 11/14/18)

PNC: (2 Calabasas jobs 11/14/18)

Power Machinery (1 Oxnard job 11/14/18)

Premier America: (14 local jobs 11/14/18)

Procore: (56 Carpinteria jobs 11/14/18)

Procter & Gamble: (Search for Woodland Hills, Oxnard jobs)

Opto Test: (1 Camarillo job 11/14/18)

Oxnard School District (14 classified and certificated jobs 8/12/17)

Oxnard Union H.S. District (54 jobs 11/3/18)

PacificComp: (2 Thousand Oaks jobs 11/3/18)

Pacific Coast Civil: (2 Agoura jobs 11/3/18)

Pacific View Mall: (7 Ventura jobs 11/3/18)

Pacific Western Bank: (2 Thousand Oaks jobs 11/3/18)

Panavision: (7 Woodland Hills jobs 11/3/18)

Parker: (10 Camarillo/Oxnard jobs 11/3/18)

Patagonia: (check their site)

Paychex (4 Woodland Hills, Ventura jobs 11/3/18)

Paysafe (formerly iPayment): (1 Westlake Village job 12/11/18)

PBS Biotech: (No Camarillo jobs 11/3/18)

PennyMac: (Over 100 Moorpark, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills jobs 11/3/18)

Pepperdine University: (36 staff jobs 11/3/18)

Pepsi Beverage Co: (4 Ventura, SF Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Phillips Graduate University: (3 Chatsworth jobs 10/16/18)

Pleasant Holidays: (1 Westlake Village job 10/16/18)

Pleasant Valley School District: (20+ jobs 10/16/18)

Premier America Credit Union: (11 local jobs 10/16/18)

PTI Technologies: (8 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Puretec Water: (1 Oxnard job 9/8/18)

Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc.: (Various jobs)

Qualstar: (Contact them)

Quantum Mechanix: (5 Chatsworth jobs 10/16/18)

QAD: (5 Santa Barbara jobs 10/16/18)

Quest Diagnostics: (Search for West Hills jobs)

Quinn Company: (5 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District: (4 part-time Simi Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Rapattoni Corp: (Contact them for Simi Valley jobs)

Raytheon: (159 Goleta, Point Mugu jobs 10/16/18)

ReachLocal: (5 Woodland Hills jobs 10/16/18)

Reagan Foundation: (15 Simi Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Regal Medical Group: (Over 150 San Fernando Valley and Ventura County jobs 10/16/18)

Regency Lighting: (1 Chatsworth job 10/16/18)

Reiter Affiliated Companies: (4 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Respawn Entertainment: (30 Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

REX Real Estate: (19 Woodland Hills and other local jobs 10/16/18)

Rexnord Industries: (15 Simi Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Rincon Consultants: (10+ Ventura jobs 10/16/18)

Riverbed Technology (acquired Xirrus): (1 Thousand Oaks job 10/16/18)

Roadrunner Shuttle: (No listed jobs - must apply)

Roberts Tool Company: (9 Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

Ronlo Engineering: (3 Camarillo jobs 10/4/18)

R. R. Donnelly: (Search for Westlake Village jobs)

RTC Aerospace: (no Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

Rusnak Auto Group: (13 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Saalex Solutions: (search for local jobs)

Sage Publications: (30 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Sails Group: (contact them for local caregiver jobs)

Salem Media Group: (7 Camarillo jobs 10/4/18)

Santa Barbara Applied Research: (Search for jobs)

Scosche Industries: (1 Oxnard job 10/4/18)

Securitas: (6 Westlake Village jobs 10/4/18)

Seek Thermal: (2 Santa Barbara jobs 10/4/18)

Sedgwick: (11 SFV jobs 10/4/18))

Bayer: (6 Oxnard jobs 6/28/17)

Semtech: (3 Camarillo jobs 6/28/17)

Seneca: (3 Oxnard jobs 10/4/18)

Sensata Technologies: (9 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Servicemaster: (Various Ventura County jobs)

Shire (formerly Baxalta, Baxter): (28 Conejo Valley jobs 10/4/18)

Sideshow Collectibles: (3 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Sientra: (3 Santa Barbara jobs 10/4/18)

Silgan Containers: (1 Woodland Hills job 10/4/18)

Simi Valley Hospital: (61 jobs 10/4/18)

Simi Valley USD (Various classified positions)

Simpliphi Power (2 Ojai jobs 10/4/18)

Skurka Aerospace: (contact them)

Skyworks Solutions: (21 Newbury Park jobs 6/28/17)

Sloan LED: (2 Ventura jobs 10/4/18)

SL Power Electronics: (1 Ventura job 10/4/18)

Smiths (1 Thousand Oaks job 10/4/18)

Smucker's: (8 Oxnard jobs 10/4/18)

Softengine: (5 Woodland Hills jobs 10/4/18)

Sonos: (18 Santa Barbara jobs 8/21/18)

Source Photonics: (3 West Hills jobs 8/21/18)

Southern California Edison: (search for jobs)

Spatz Labs: (Search for Oxnard jobs 8/21/18)

Spirent Communications: (3 Calabasas jobs 8/21/18)

STS Education: (1 Simi Valley job 8/21/18)

Sutherland Presses (5 Malibu jobs 8/21/18)

Stantec: (11 Ventura County, Van Nuys jobs 8/21/18)

State Farm: (2 Glendale jobs 8/21/18)

Stellar Biotech: (No Port Hueneme jobs 8/21/18)

Sunrise Senior Living: (Dozens of local jobs)

Swiss Re: (No Westlake Village jobs 8/21/18)

Synectic  Solutions, (9 Oxnard jobs 8/21/18)

Sysco: (12 local jobs 8/21/18)

T3 Innovation: (Contact them)

Taft Electric: (7 jobs 8/21/18) (1 Camarillo job 8/21/18)

Teledyne Scientific & Imaging: (9 Camarillo/Thousand Oaks jobs 8/21/18)

Teradyne: (2 Agoura jobs 8/21/18)

Tetra (3 Camarillo jobs 8/21/18)

The Oaks Mall: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 8/21/18)

The Trade Desk: (20 Ventura jobs 8/21/18)

Thermo Fisher (15 Canoga Park, Thousand Oaks jobs 8/21/18)

Topa Insurance: (4 Calabasas jobs 8/21/18)

Turning Point Foundation: (1 Ventura job 8/21/18)

Tutor Perini: (6 Sylmar jobs 12/1/18)

United Water Conservation District: (1 job 8/21/18)

Universal Music Group: (16 Woodland Hills jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Community Colleges: (104 mostly part-time teaching jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Credit (5 jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Office of Education (25 jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Rescue Mission: (10 Ventura County jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Star (3 Ventura jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura Unified School District: (29 jobs 7/15/18)

Viking Cruises: (21 Woodland Hills jobs 7/15/18)

VPI: (Check for Camarillo jobs)

VSolvit: (search for local jobs)

VW of America: (1 Woodland Hills job 7/15/18)

Wells Fargo: (search for Ventura County jobs)

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center (53 West Hills jobs 7/15/18)

Western General Insurance: (6 Woodland Hills 7/15/18)

Western Saw: (Oxnard - submit application)

Westlake Hyatt: (Various jobs)

Westlake Village Inn: (Various jobs)

Xavient: (8 Simi Valley jobs 7/15/18)

XYPRO: (3 Simi Valley jobs 7/15/18)

Yardi: (41 Oxnard/Santa Barbara jobs 5/17/18)

YTC America: 2 Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

Zebra Technologies: (1 Agoura job 5/17/18)

Zenith Insurance: (4 Woodland Hills jobs 5/17/18)

Zynga: (No Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

ZPower: (19 Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

Abbott: (44 Northridge jobs 8/21/18)

Abrisa Technologies: (Santa Paula - email your resume)

Abbyson: (6 Moorpark jobs 5/17/18)

ABC Clio: (1 Goleta job 5/17/18)

Accessory Power: (3 Westlake Village jobs 5/17/18)

ADP: (7 Woodland Hills jobs 5/17/18)

ADT: (18 Chatsworth jobs 5/17/18)

Advanced Bio-Logic Solutions: (20 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/17/18)

Advanced Motion Controls: (6 Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

AECOM: (11 Santa Barbara, Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

Aegis Medical Systems: (Various Canoga Park jobs)

AERA Energy: (No Ventura jobs 5/17/18)

Aerojet Rocketdyne: (61 Canoga Park jobs 11/3/18)

Aerovironment: (44 Simi Valley jobs 5/17/18)

AGIA: (4 Carpinteria jobs 5/17/18)

Agilent: (25 Carpinteria jobs 5/17/18)

Aitech Defense Systems: (4 Chatsworth jobs 5/17/18)

AMCAL Housing (search for Agoura Hills jobs)

American Homes 4 Rent: (6 Agoura jobs 5/10/18)

American Water: (No Ventura County jobs 5/10/18)

AmeriHome Mortgage: (34 Woodland Hills jobs 5/10/18)

Amgen: (233 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/10/18)

Anthem: (search for Thousand Oaks jobs)

Applied Merchant: (Contact them)

Arete Associates: (1 Northridge job 5/10/18)

A.R.M. Solutions: (1 Camarillo job 5/10/18)

Arnold Magnetics: (2 Camarillo jobs 5/10/18)

Assisted Healthcare (Various local home health jobs)

Atara Bio: (20+ Westlake Village jobs 12/11/18)

AT&T: (Search here)

Aveox: (1 Simi Valley job 5/10/18)

Bank of America: (Over 100 Ventura County and other local area jobs 5/10/18)

Battery-Biz: (Contact them for Camarillo jobs)

Bauer Hockey: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/10/18)

Binder USA: (Search for Camarillo jobs)

Blackline Systems: (49 Woodland Hills jobs 5/10/18)

Blue Microphones: (4 Westlake Village jobs 5/10/18)

Blue Shield of California: (53 Woodland Hills jobs 5/10/18)

BMW Group Designworks USA: (7 Oxnard, Newbury Park jobs 5/1/18)

BrightView (formerly ValleyCrest): (Various local jobs)

Brookdale Senior Living: (21 Camarillo, Chatsworth jobs 5/1/18)

Bruker Corp: (15 Santa Barbara, Camarillo jobs 5/1/18)

C3 Intelligence, Inc: (2 Westlake Village jobs 5/1/18)

Cabrillo Economic Development (4 Ventura jobs 5/1/18) (2 Oxnard jobs 5/1/18)

CalAtlantic (formerly Ryland) (1 Thousand Oaks job 5/1/18)

Calavo (2 Santa Paula job 3/24/18)

Caldera (5 Agoura jobs 3/24/18)

Cal Lutheran (3 staff/faculty jobs 3/24/18)

California State University Channel Islands - (69 jobs 3/24/18)

California State University Channel Islands - (11 jobs 3/24/18) (5 Westlake Village jobs 3/24/18)

Camarillo Health Care District: (1 job 3/24/18) (No Simi jobs 3/24/18)

Capstone Turbine: (1 Van Nuys job 3/19/18)

Carpinteria Water District: (Apply here)

Casa Pacifica: (23 Camarillo/Santa Barbara jobs 3/5/18)

CBC Federal Credit Union: (7 local jobs 3/5/18)

CBOL Corp: (several Chatsworth jobs 3/5/18)

CBS: (26 Burbank jobs 1/20/18)

Centene Corp: (84 Woodland Hills jobs (3/5/18) (Centene acquired HealthNet in March 2016)

Chatsworth Products, Inc. (5 local jobs 3/5/18)

The Cheesecake Factory: (21 Calabasas jobs 3/5/18)

Child Care Resource Center: (27 Chatsworth/SF Valley jobs 3/5/18)

Child Development Resources: (10 Ventura County jobs 3/5/18)

City of Agoura Hills: (5 jobs 12/10/18)

City of Calabasas: ( 4 part-time jobs 3/5/18)

City of Camarillo: (1 job 3/5/18)

City of Carpinteria: (3 jobs 3/5/18)

City of Fillmore: (1 job 3/19/18)

City of Malibu: (7 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Moorpark: (1 job 3/19/18)

City of Ojai: (3 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Oxnard: (28 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Port Hueneme: (3 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Santa Barbara: (9 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Santa (3 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Simi (9 jobs 3/15/18)

City of Thousand (1 job 3/19/18)

City of (10 jobs 3/19/18)

Clinicas del Camino (16 Ventura County jobs 3/19/18)

Cobalt (3 Simi Valley jobs 3/19/18)

Cold (check for Ventura jobs)

Communications & Power (8 Camarillo jobs 3/19/18)

Community Memorial Hospital: (60 jobs 3/19/18)

Conejo Recreation & Park District: (seasonal jobs Feb 2018)

Conejo Valley Unified School (10 full/part-time jobs 1/7/18)

Conrad Hilton (4 Agoura jobs 3/1/18) (20 Santa Barbara/Westlake Village jobs 3/1/18)

Conversions (apply for Oxnard jobs)

Cool (check for Oxnard jobs)

CoolPlanet Energy (No Camarillo jobs 3/1/18)

County of Santa (35 jobs 3/1/18)

County of Ventura: (44 jobs 1/7/18)

Coverhound: (5 Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Creative Digital Systems Integration (3 Simi Valley jobs 1/7/18)

Cumulus Media: (2 Ventura jobs 1/7/18)

Cure Pharmaceutical: (3 Oxnard jobs 1/7/18)

Custom Control Sensors: (1 Chatsworth job 1/7/18)

CVS Caremark: (Search for local jobs)

Cydcor: (12 Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Cynvenio Biosystems: (3 Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Dairy Farmers of America: (4 Ventura jobs 1/7/18)

Dako (Division of Agilent): (Search for Carpinteria, WLV jobs)

Danaher (Implant Direct): (10 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/10/18)

DataDirect Networks: (2 Chatsworth jobs 1/7/18)

Datavo: (4 Agoura Hills jobs 1/7/18)

Deckers Outdoor: (29 Goleta, Camarillo jobs 1/7/18)

DEKRA Insight: (2 Oxnard jobs 1/7/18)

Delta Tau Data Systems: (14 Chatsworth jobs 1/7/18)

DEX: (4 Camarillo jobs 1/7/18)

Dignity Health (St. John's Regional Medical Center and St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital): (Over 100 Oxnard/Camarillo jobs 8/21/18)

Dole Food Company: (no Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Dow-Key Microwave: (4 Ventura jobs 1/7/18)

DP Technology: (1 Camarillo job 1/7/18)

Driscoll's: (1 Oxnard job 1/7/18)

Drum Workshop: (4 Oxnard jobs 1/7/18)

DTS Digital Entertainment: (1 Calabasas job 1/7/18)

Dukes Aerospace: (contact them)

Dun & Bradstreet: (1 Malibu jobs 1/7/18)

Dynamic Automation: (apply for Simi Valley jobs)

Dytran: (10 Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

Easton: (6 Thousand Oaks jobs 12/11/18)

Eaton: (6 Camarillo jobs 1/7/18)

ECA Medical Instruments: (check for Newbury Park jobs)

Edwards Label:!career/c10o5 (Contact HR for Ventura jobs) (14 Ventura County jobs 8/21/18)

Ensign-Bickford Aerospace: (6 Moorpark jobs 1/7/18)

Entech Instruments: (3 Simi Valley jobs 1/7/18)

ESI Motion: (various Simi Valley jobs)

Farmers Group: (63 Woodland Hills jobs 1/7/18)

FedEx: (Check for Woodland Hills, Ventura jobs)

First 5 Ventura County: (1 job 1/7/18)

505 Games: (4 Calabasas jobs 1/7/18)

FLIR Systems: (16 Goleta jobs 1/7/18)

Food Share of VCVC: (1 job 1/7/18)

Four Seasons Hotel: (Search for Westlake Village jobs)

Freudenberg Medical: (3 Carpinteria jobs 1/7/18)

Giant Bicycles: (3 Newbury Park jobs 1/7/18)

GlobalWide Media: (1 Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Gold Coast Health Plan: (7 Camarillo jobs 10/29/17)

Golden Hippo Media: (7 local jobs 11/12/17)

Golden State Medical Supply: (1 Camarillo job 11/12/17)

Goodwill Industries: (over 20 VC jobs 11/12/17)

Grossman Imaging Centers: (apply)

Gsolutionz: (No Ventura jobs 11/12/17)

Guitar Center: (4 Westlake Village jobs 11/12/17)

Haas Automation: (31 Oxnard jobs 11/12/17)

Harbor (46 Calabasas, Camarillo jobs 11/12/17) (17 Northridge jobs 11/12/17)

Harris Corp: (17 Chatsworth jobs 11/12/17)

Golden Hippo Media: (7 local jobs 11/12/17)

Golden State Medical Supply: (1 Camarillo job 11/12/17)

Goodwill Industries: (over 20 VC jobs 11/12/17)

Grossman Imaging Centers: (apply)

Gsolutionz: (No Ventura jobs 11/12/17)

Guitar Center: (4 Westlake Village jobs 11/12/17)

Haas Automation: (31 Oxnard jobs 11/12/17)

Harbor (46 Calabasas, Camarillo jobs 11/12/17) (17 Northridge jobs 11/12/17)

Harris (17 Chatsworth jobs 11/12/17)

Hawker Pacific Aerospace: (19 Sun Valley jobs 11/12/17)

HEI Hotels & Resorts: (13 Woodland Hills, Santa Barbara jobs 11/14/18)

HEICO (5 Chatsworth jobs 11/12/17)

Home (various local jobs)

HRL (Dozens of Malibu jobs 11/12/17)

Impact (1 Camarillo job 11/12/17)

Other Local Job Sources

Craigslist Ventura County:

Craigslist Los Angeles: (hourly, fast food, retail):

Federal Government Jobs: (Over 100 jobs in the area as of 2/27/18)

AppleOne: (Over 200 jobs within a 20 mile radius of Thousand Oaks 2/27/18)

Employers Depot: (30 temp to hire Ventura County jobs 2/27/18) Search for education jobs by state, school district, county, etc. at  (228 job postings for 453 job vacancies as of 2/27/18 in Ventura County at THIS LINK)

Take Advantage of AAA Membership Benefits and Discounts


The Automobile Club is a non-profit service organization with over 51 million members, including 6 million in Southern California.  If you are not already a member, you should consider becoming one.

Basic membership is $50 per year plus a one time $20 admission fee (as of November 2018). Membership provides for towing up to 7 miles, discounted rental cars, emergency fuel delivery, locksmith service, access to AAA offices and services, free maps and travel planning, etc.

But where membership can really pay off are savings on products and services.  Here are a few that really stand out (updated November 2018...subject to change).

  • Getting a AAA rate on hotels like Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Best Western and others can easily save you 5% to 20% on your room, which can more than pay for your AAA membership.

  • 10% discount at all Gap Outlet stores with AAA card.

  • Save 10% at Discount Tire Centers and Payless Shoesource

  • Visit a AAA office and buy Regal/Edwards and Cinemark/Century movie theater tickets at up to 40% off regular prices!

  • Save 10% on Amtrak rides.

  • 30% off regular admission and 10% off merchandise at Knott's Berry Farm. Also save up to $15 on tickets to Knott's Soak City at AAA branches.

  • 25% off when you purchase advance tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and 10% off at the gate or online.

  • Save $15 on advance tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood and $3 off when you show your AAA card at the gate

  • Save up to 37% off passes to Six Flags Magic Mountain, $5 at the gate and 10% off purchases

  • Save 5% at the gate at LEGOLAND California Resort

  • Save 20% off certain Sea World passes at AAA offices, 10% off online and $5 at the gate

  • If you plan on a multi-day visit to Disneyland, save by buying passes at a AAA office

  • 10% off at Mimi's Cafe (locations in Thousand Oaks and Ventura)

  • 10% off food, games and non-alcoholic drinks at Dave & Buster’s (coming to Thousand Oaks)

  • Show your AAA card at Wetzel's Pretzels and receive 10% off all items

  • 33% off Papa John's Pizza! (show card and mention promo code AAA33)

Hundreds more discounts listed on the AAA website. There's also a free AAA iPhone and Android app to find AAA discounts in your area.

So even if you don't think you'll need roadside assistance or towing, it could really pay off having a AAA membership.  Visit the Auto Club of Southern California website at for more information.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Serving Jury Duty in Ventura County

Jury duty in Ventura County is not so bad! Ventura County Jury service consists of one jury trial or one day of service in Ventura County. If you are not assigned to a courtroom at the end of your first day of appearance, you will have completed your service. Jury service is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


If you are summoned for duty, the night before your service you will be instructed to check online or to call after 5 p.m. for reporting instructions for the next day. If the "group number" you were assigned is called, you show up the next day. If your group number has not been called by the end of your summoned week, your service will automatically be completed without having to appear. (Yes, this does me, for one.) If this "call in" process is inconvenient, Ventura County Superior Court will allow you to schedule a firm date of appearance.

 Hall of Justice Building

Hall of Justice Building

Jury trials in Ventura County average four days in length. The trial judge will advise jurors of the expected duration and may excuse prospective jurors from serving on a particular case if the service would amount to an extreme hardship.

Ventura County is one judicial district so all jurors are summoned to the county seat at the Hall of Justice, 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura for jury service. 

Get there early if you can. There is plenty of free parking but sometime you have to walk a ways to get to the building. When entering the building you will be screened through a security device. Do not bring knives, scissors, handwork needles, metal fingernail files, tools, wallet chains, handcuff keys or any items that may possibly be used as a weapon.

The Jury Assembly Room has plenty of chairs, with some tables, electric plugs, etc. I highly recommend that you bring things to keep yourself busy...a laptop, magazines, newspaper, book, iPad, etc. They do have a TV available in one room but you'll want to bring something to do. There's also wireless internet access. There is an in-house cafeteria as well as a variety of restaurants nearby when lunchtime comes around.

No fees or mileage are paid for the first day of service. $15 per day and 34¢ per mile, one way from the juror’s home to the courthouse are paid for your second and additional days of service (as of October 2018; which is unchanged from the first time I checked in 2014).

When I last served, the judge in my courtroom called us back the next day. We showed up and he subsequently cancelled the trial and we were excused to go home (or back to work). Two weeks later I received a check for $15 in jury fees and $7.82 in mileage from the Conejo Valley. YIPPEE!

 Courtyard area in front of Hall of Justice building

Courtyard area in front of Hall of Justice building

Jury service is not voluntary, and there is no permanent excuse to serving. Any request for excuse must be submitted in writing. Any request to be excused from serving on a jury trial due to loss of income and/or business closure must be directed to a trial judge, only after you have appeared and have served one day as summoned. Unless notified in writing that your request for excuse is granted, you may assume it has been denied. If the date of appearance is not satisfactory, you may request a postponement to a future date within 90 days. When listing reasons such as medical, job, or dependent care issues, be prepared to receive a postponement and not an excuse.

For more information about Jury Service in Ventura County, visit

Rattlesnake Do's and Don'ts in the Trails of the Conejo Valley and Neighboring Areas

I've seen more snakes in the trails of the Conejo Valley in recent years than I can ever recall, some, but not all of which are rattlesnakes.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, rattlesnakes are generally not aggressive but can strike when they feel threatened or provoked. If you come across one on the trail, just back off and give them room to retreat. They don't want to mess with you!

 Rattler crossing the Rosewood Trail on a sunset hike.

Rattler crossing the Rosewood Trail on a sunset hike.

It is rare that rattlesnakes cause serious injury to humans. According to the California Poison Control Center, rattlesnakes account for 800 bites each year, with only one or two deaths. Most bites occur during the months of April through October, when both humans and snakes are active outdoors. About 25% of bites are dry (i.e. no venom), but still require medical treatment.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Wear shoes when out hiking in the trails.

  • Stay ON the trails...don't venture out into the underbrush, where snakes may be hiding.

  • Watch what you touch with your hands too...especially if it's dark and hard to see.

  • Leave them alone. They are fun to watch, but do so from a distance. Don't try to pick them up.

Is it a Rattler or a Gopher Snake?

On the trails of the Conejo Valley I've come across rattlesnakes, gopher snakes, king snakes, garter snakes and perhaps a few others I wasn't able to identify. The rattlesnakes are the ones to be particularly wary of because of their venom, so be aware of the following distinctions:

Rattlesnakes are wider/heavier than most of the other local snakes and have a triangular-shaped head, broader at the back than at the front, with a distinct "neck." They have openings between the nostrils and the eyes. There are a series of dark and light bands near the tail which look different from the markings on the rest of the body.  DO NOTE that rattles may not always be present as they may have fallen off are are not always developed on a young rattler.

For some great information on identifying California snakes, visit

 Notice the stocky size of this rattlesnake, the clear rattle, and the different series of dark and lights bands leading down towards the rattle.

Notice the stocky size of this rattlesnake, the clear rattle, and the different series of dark and lights bands leading down towards the rattle.

 Beautiful King Snake (known for lunching on rattlesnakes)

Beautiful King Snake (known for lunching on rattlesnakes)

 Gopher snake crossing the trail in Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa.

Gopher snake crossing the trail in Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa.

Exploring the Coca-Cola All You Can Eat Right Field Pavilion at Dodger Stadium


I've been a Dodger fan my entire life, having been born and raised in the Los Angeles area and moving to the Conejo Valley in the mid 1990s.

When I was a kid, my dad would take us to the game a couple times each season. We sat in the cheapest seats and on our way there would stop by McDonald's or In-N-Out Burger and bring food into the stadium.

Today, while still fans of the Dodgers, we rarely go to games. Just too many other things going on in our life. But I decided it would be fun to take the kids on a Saturday night this Memorial Day weekend.


Plenty of tickets are available, but I had moderate sticker shock at the prices. The cheapest seats on the Dodgers ticketing website were $28 + $6.50 "Convenience" fee (whatever that means) and a $5.10 "Processing" fee. It certainly would be nice if all online ticket sellers just have one "all in" price that clearly shows the total price.

I was amazed at how terrible the Dodgers' ticketing website is, compared to other sites like StubHub and SeatGeek. They make you run Flash and don't provide a view from the seats like the other sites do.

In any case, I reviewed multiple alternatives to the Dodgers' ticketing website and went with StubHub. StubHub adds a service fee and a fulfillment fee to ticket prices. These fees vary based on event and ticket type. For the Dodgers game, the service fees were in the 23-25% range and fulfillment fees were $2. Factoring these fees in, StubHub still had the best overall prices for comparable seats out of the options I looked at.


I was taking three kids to the game and my cheapest alternative were seats way, way up high in the Top Deck or Reserve areas. I didn't really want to be that high up, so I looked at the alternative of the bleacher seats. 

I'm not a fan of bleacher seats as they are just that - long benches with numbered seatbacks - no individual seats. I'm that guy who is annoyed the entire flight on a plane where the guy next to me's arm intrudes on my space. So bleacher seats probably are not the best idea for me.

But on second thought, we're only talking two to three hours and the kids would enjoy it. How bad could it be, right? So I decided to look at seats in the Coca-Cola All You Can Eat Right Field Pavilion. They were about $20 to $25 more than the seats in the Left Field Pavilion, but ALL YOU CAN EAT sounded like a fun option with the kids.

 The bleacher seats make you feel closer to the action IMO than the seats in nosebleed land.

The bleacher seats make you feel closer to the action IMO than the seats in nosebleed land.


If it were me and a buddy, I would not sit in the Coca-Cola All You Can Eat Pavilion because, well, I'm not big into gorging myself. But hey, I was with the kids, and thought it would be fun to just let em at it and not worry about cash. And indeed it was fun.

A few things to note. We are not talking about a gourmet selection in this deal. We're talking Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn and non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, iced tea and water). No ice cream, churros, cotton candy or beer (though those were available for sale). And no pizza, hamburgers or other food items. One pizza vendor walked by around the 7th inning; I suppose he was desperate to unload them at that point.

Is the All You Can Eat Pavilion worth it? Well it comes down to numbers. If you were to consume one Dodger Dog (cost is $6.50), one bag of peanuts ($5 estimate) and one drink ($6 insanely expensive), you are consuming $17.50 of Dodger Stadium cuisine. Throw in one other item, like another hot dog or nachos, and you've pretty much broken even on the deal. 

Two of the three kids with me "broke even." So I had to personally make up for the third kid's under-consumption. Indeed I was hungry on the drive from Thousand Oaks to Dodger Stadium, so I was prepared for the challenge. In fact, I went for a run that morning to ensure my metabolism was raring to go.

My take: 3 Dodger Dogs (really closer to 2 1/2 as I couldn't finish the 3rd one), 1 iced tea (refilled once), 2 bags of peanuts (I brought one home) and 2 bags of popcorn. Ignoring the refill, I think I devoured about $46 retail value in food.

Of course consuming all that salty food might make one thirsty. I woke up the next morning with a very dry mouth. And I certainly got my money's worth the night before so it was worth it. Kind of.

I had fond memories of Dodger Dogs going back to my childhood. They were great back then. But these Dodger Dogs were lukewarm at best and had kind of a metallic taste to them. I find the hot dogs at Costco, for $1.50, INCLUDING drink, to be more fulfilling.

The popcorn I thought was actually pretty good for pre-bagged popcorn. The peanuts were quite salty. The nachos were meh, not particularly good, according to the kids. 


They weren't that bad. It was fun. The crowds were pretty mellow and there were a lot of families/kids out there.

There is zero room between your legs and knees and the row in front of you, but thankfully we didn't experience too much back and forth of people passing by as we were seated towards the middle of the row.

Great view of the field. We had to twist our necks a bit to see the big video screen, but it wasn't too bad.

There's nowhere to place your food and drinks, so you have to kind of balance the food in a tray on your lap. There's no cup holder for the drink. I placed my iced tea under the bench, where it was soon joined by trash. In fact, the amount of trash left by attendees was jaw dropping.

 Quite a mess under the seats of the bleacher benches.

Quite a mess under the seats of the bleacher benches.

My back was a little tweaked by the end of the game, but I survived. Though the Dodgers lost, the game was entertaining, as was the between-inning on-screen shenanigans. It was a fun night out.


I decided to use the Waze app to tell me the best way, factoring in traffic conditions, to get to Dodger Stadium. Without the app, the natural way I would go would be the 101 east to the 134 east to the 5 south.

Waze informed me that I would get there 12 minutes faster from Newbury Park via the 23 north to the 118 east to the 5 south to the 134 east to the 2 south to the 5 south. Yep, a bit out of the way, but it worked like a charm. A very stress-free drive, with minimal traffic.

Going home was much more direct - 5 north to 134 west, then 101 west. If you find yourself in the right-hand lane on Stadium Way coming out of Dodger Stadium, you will be forced to go on the 5 south. Whoops, wrong way! But if you do find yourself in this situation, not to worry. Continue on the 5 about half a mile and take the Riverside offramp, turn right, then you'll soon see a 5 north onramp.

Parking at the stadium is $25. DO buy a parking pass on the Dodgers ticketing website in advance for $15 to save yourself $10.

 Was fun catching a Justin Turner home run in the 4th inning.

Was fun catching a Justin Turner home run in the 4th inning.


  • Dodger Stadium is just 40 to 60 minutes from the Conejo Valley and is a fun entertainment option for the entire family.
  • Plenty of seating options are available. The Coca-Cola All You Can Eat Right Field Pavilion is a great option if your family enjoys Dodger Dogs, popcorn, peanuts, nachos and soft drinks.

Identify Local Sex Offenders Using California Megan's Law Website


California was the first state in the nation to initiate a Sex Offender Tracking Program in 1947, but until 1996, when California Megan's Law (CML) was initiated, information about sex offenders was not publicly available. 

Megan's Law is named after seven year old New Jersey girl Megan Kanka, who was raped and killed by a known molester who lived across the street from her family. All states now have a form of Megan's Law. On September 24, 2004, AB 488 was signed into law in California, providing the public Internet access to sex offender information at

This is a website that deserves a look, particularly by anyone who is a parent. While the website is not meant to "punish" sex offenders, it is a useful awareness tool. The search engine on the site allows you to search by name, address, city, zip and county, as well as within a two mile radius of parks and schools. You can also review the results of your search in both map and listing format.

Within seconds you can identify the 860 (as of April 2018) registered sex offenders in Ventura County, including photos, names, vital stats like date of birth, height and weight, their offenses and, where applicable, their addresses.

The information in the CML database is not always up to date for each individual. The severity of the offenses for each individual vary from the more violent (rape, battery) to statutory rape, indecent exposure, etc.

How to Change Background Themes In the New Firefox Quantum

For over a decade I've been a Firefox user but in recent years my Web browser usage has migrated more towards Google Chrome because Firefox has slowed and consumed too much memory. I frequently had to close and restart Firefox as it slowed and/or froze so frequently.

Today when I turned on my computer, Firefox installed version 57.0, Firefox Quantum. Mozilla says that it is better, faster and uses less memory! GOOD! They also say it is 30% "lighter" than Chrome, which alludes to memory usage. GREAT!

Hoping for the best with this new Firefox update! But one thing annoyed me when it first opened on my screen. The tabs were dark with white font. I don't like that. I right-clicked and messed around, hoping to change it back to the light background I was used to, to no avail. I searched the Web for answers and couldn't find anything quickly for mere mortals like myself.

Then I happened upon the quite simple answer and screenshotted it for those, like me, who aren't fans of change when forced upon us.

 Here's the annoying (to me in any case) browser tabs and menu that came with the new Firefox Quantum. How to change it? Click the menu item and scroll to Customize.

Here's the annoying (to me in any case) browser tabs and menu that came with the new Firefox Quantum. How to change it? Click the menu item and scroll to Customize.

 In the Customize menu screen, click Themes.

In the Customize menu screen, click Themes.

 Then you will see the background Themes that came with Firefox Quantum. I changed it from the Default Theme to the Light Theme and, wallah, my issue was gone. There are plenty of other Themes out there by clicking Get More Themes. Not me, though. I like it simple.

Then you will see the background Themes that came with Firefox Quantum. I changed it from the Default Theme to the Light Theme and, wallah, my issue was gone. There are plenty of other Themes out there by clicking Get More Themes. Not me, though. I like it simple.

 Firefox color scheme is back to the same ole boring look I've used for years. YES!

Firefox color scheme is back to the same ole boring look I've used for years. YES!