Looking For The Lowest Local Gas Prices?

A buddy of mine tipped me off to www.VenturaGasPrices.com, a website dedicated to providing detailed information about gas prices throughout Ventura County.  VenturaGasPrices.com is part of www.GasBuddy.com, a national network of over 170 websites tracking local gas prices.

So if you are looking to save a few bucks, take a look at this site before gassing up.  Tonight I saw that premium gasoline at the Oxnard Costco is $3.11 per gallon as compared to $3.47 per gallon at the Chevron located at Thousand Oaks Blvd. and Rancho Road.  That difference would amount to over $6 on an 18 gallon tank.  Might be worth a trip to some of you.

For those who enjoy charts and historical data, there is a nice tool on the site that allows you to see gas price trends in throughout the country for periods up to 6 years.  That is, if you can stomach the fact that gas prices have doubled in the last 5 years.  (Whereas the price of ExxonMobil stock has tripled in that same period.)

Ah, time to start checking out those hybrids.  Love the fact that city mileage is higher than highway mileage on a hybrid!