Experimenting With the Vibram FiveFingers: Running Practically Barefoot

While I stopped training for a marathon a several months ago due to my persistent psoas muscle problem, the good thing is I'm still able to run. Maybe not really fast or really long, but I'm still running, which is good. I'm thrilled that I can continue running through a nagging, puzzling injury.

So this past Saturday I was instructed by my wife to take my 8 year old over to Jack's Shoes in Westlake Village to buy him a pair of Teva sandals. I like Jack's Shoes as it reminds me of the good old days when you get great customer service by knowledgeable people at a family run, non-chain business.

I noticed they carried those goofy looking shoes made like a glove, with a compartment for each toe. While for the most part I've been ignoring all the hubbub about barefoot running, seeing these shoes up close made me curious.

So after outfitting my boy with his shoe, I tried on the Vibram FiveFingers Komodo Sport model, which my helpful sales guy said was pretty popular with some runner types. I told him I run long distances. Putting the shoe on was kind of fun. The same process as putting on a glove...make sure you get the toes aligned with the toe compartments, then account for each toe to make sure they're in place.


These shoes literally felt like a glove and of course you can't wear socks inside of them. First thing through my mind was, I wonder who else tried these on and placed their smelly feet where my mangled monstrosities were now residing. But I quickly got p

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