Perfecting the Art of Blowing Your Nose on the Run

Some call it the snot rocket. I don't really call it anything. But placing a finger on one nostril while forcibly expelling air out the other nostril while running is quite a regular occurence during my runs.

I remember way back when I first started running in 1993. When I started running with more experienced runners, there was one guy that I thought had a particularly nasty habit of blowing snot out of his nose what must have been every 5 minutes.  But it actually helped my training as it always pushed me harder so that I would always be running either on the side of or in front of him to stay out of range of his boogers.

To me it appeared quite a nasty, barbaric habit.

But things quickly changed as I started acclimating to the life of a real runner. Yes, runners do nasty things at times.

What made me think of this is the lingering phlegm buildup I've been encountering after my recent bout with the common cold. After taking a day off work and running on Monday, April 4th, the nasal buildup has been steady.

It took my body another 8 or 9 days to start feeling like I wasn't running with lead weights attached to my shoes, but getting out there and running makes me feel better in the morning after and while battling a cold. I wake up with my sinuses congested, but within 5 minutes there's a rapid flow of mucus that I'm able to expel on the run.

For those seeking instruction on snot rocket technique, it is pretty much common sense. While running, take your right finger and place on the outside of your right nostril. Twist and tilt your head to the left as best you can to steer clear of your clothing. Then blow as hard as you can. Ah! Doesn't that feel better? Now do the same using your left finger. Repeated as desired.

Of course it is nice to have courtesy and make sure no one is behind you while participating in this procedure. And if you're slightly vain like I am, try to do this when no one is around, as someone driving that car may know you and be repulsed by what you are doing. Unless they are a runner themselves.

At the end of a run, I feel invigorated and my nasal cavity is cleared of all that nastiness inside. I'm ready for a great day.

So join the crowd and blow those liquid boogers out when you need to. 'Snot anything to be ashamed of.