My First Offical DNS (Did Not Start) of the Year Was Today!

Well it's not for a lack of trying. I had some decent long run training from April 21st to May 14th and was looking forward to today's Inaugural Ojai 2 Ocean Marathon. But it just wasn't meant to be.

I've been battling an injury of some sort in my lower left abdomen now since May 7th but the darn thing doesn't let up. I've seen a general practitioner and my chiropractor, who have ruled out a hernia. There is soreness, mostly when running, in the area to the left of my navel.

My chiropractor dug around in there and said it could be the psoas muscle, which crosses over from the spine to the hip from what I can tell. No telling what it will take to heal this problem but if it doesn't go away on its own, I may need an MRI.

I'm able to run very slowly and walk, but running at a speedy pace brings to much pressure on this area and accentuates the pain. Quite frustrating, but at least I can still move around unimpeded for the most part, unlike, say, a plantar fasciitis or knee or hip issue. Always something...

So in the meantime, my buddy Dave ran the course in 3 hours, 2 minutes, good for 8th place, and another friend finished in 2 hours, 55 minutes for 3rd place overall. Was a PERFECT morning for running, with overcast skies and cool temps. Wish I could have been there.

I bailed out of the race on Tuesday, deciding it wasn't worth trying to run a full 26.2 mile marathon with pain in my belly.

Today was also the 18th Annual Love Run 5K/10K in Westlake Village for local senior services provider Senior Concerns. There were over 1,200 people in attendance, which is awesome!

Start of today's 18th Annual Love Run for Senior Concerns 5K Race in Westlake Village