Long Run Plans Went Up in Smoke

Last week's mileage was 38.5 with a "long run" of only 7 miles.  I could make excuses, but I won't. No, actually I will, it'll make me feel better. I had planned on a long run on Halloween morning as I knew with my sugar high that night I'd want to sleep in on Sunday. So around 9 pm I start smelling smoke, like a fire pit.

No big deal, close the windows, hopefully they will put the fire out in an hour or so. But the smell of smoke kept getting stronger and stronger, to the point it started infiltrating my house.

I walked into the garage and it smelled like an ash tray, about as strong as when major wildfires hit us close by in Thousand Oaks last year.  Maybe worse.  I go to bed around 11:30 pm smelling a distinct scent but there's nothing I can do about it.  Again, I'm hoping they will be good neighbors and put the damn thing out.

2:30 am. Wife wakes up and says there must be a forest fire. She calls the fire department. I go outside and hear teenagers 3 doors up from us, still partying outside. I tell her the smoke must be coming from them.  Too late. Fire department drives up street to investigate. I'm too tired and embarassed to walk outside.  I go back to sleep at 3:30 am.

6:30 am. My 6 year old wakes up. I can't move or breathe.  Stench of lingering smoke surrounds us.  I'm tired, cranky, unable to move. I open the windows (thankfully they put their fire out finally) to let some fresh air in. Way too tired and incoherent to do anything other than pour Rice Krispies and milk into bowl.

7 am. 4 year old wakes up. Pillow over my head. Spongebob on the TV. Hoping the kids get along as I lie on the couch. Fighting, arguing, punching, crying ensues.  I give up. Coffee maker turned on. I'm up. I'm cranky. I'm tired. I'm coughing from the smoke. No way in hell I'll be running long on Saturday. But I do resolve to have a word with my neighbor up the street...

So here I am, 32 days from the Santa Barbara Marathon, feeling undertrained, tired and embattled as I've fought through 2 major back spasms, swine flu, sore throat, sore knee, sore big toe.  Planned training schedule basically UP IN SMOKE!

But ya know what, THE PAST 3 DAYS I've actually felt great!!  The time change has been good to me. While I feel quite underprepared to run the type of marathon that I'd like to run, overall I feel fit, healthy and happy. And that's what's most important. 

So I shall ponder whether or not I will actually run the marathon at this point.  I may defer to a Spring marathon instead.  But in the meantime, I'm looking forward to a fun Calabasas Classic 10K run this Sunday!