Got Me a Run Streak Going on Nearly 3 Months!

Of course now that I wrote this, my streak is bound to end. Which wouldn't be a bad thing.

Miraculously (knock on wood), I've survived all of 2011 so far with getting sick. My runner friends will be amazed by this because of my long string of medical malfunctions.

But even on an average of 6 hours' sleep, I've been able to stay healthy. So it dawned on me that I haven't taken a day completely off from running for a long time. Looking at my monstrous Excel running log, I've been running daily since 3 days after the Tucson Marathon, or December 15th.

I got me a running streak!  If I can keep this up until next Tuesday, I'll have a 3 month run streak! Yippee!!

The reality of it is that I'm not a big fan of running streaks because they aren't particularly healthy. It's nice to have goals and to be dedicated to running, or anything positive for that matter, but it is perfectly find and a good thing to take a day off now and then.

But...since running "gets me going" in the running and makes me feel good, if I'm not sick or injured, I go for a run. Mind you, some days I run more, some less. My average daily run so far in 2011 has been 5.9 miles. From time to time I'll run 2 to 3 easy miles as my "off" day.

Since I don't usually track running streaks, I'll have to look back in my running log to see what my longest running streak is over the last 17 years. For all I know I may be in the midst of it!

On that note, so far this year I have zero races under my belt and pretty much zero plans, other than I bought an entry into the Calabasas Classic 5K all the way in November (great race). My longest run of the year so far was this past Saturday, with roughly 14 miles. Time to start thinking about my plans...