Boston Marathon 2012 Was Sweltering; Top Local Finishers

Here is the card I got back in the mail, indicating my lack of appearance at the race. My friend picked up my shirt in Boston for me. At least I have even splits in this race.It was actually a blessing that I didn't run the Boston Marathon last month as I don't like running in the heat and it was one gnarly, hot and humid day out there. According to race organizers, it was 79 degrees at the start of the men's race and 85 degrees at the finish.

One local runner who has run Boston a dozen or so times said it was 87 degrees at the finish and he was starting to see double. He finished about 33 minutes slower than last year's time, though he was equally fit. Another friend of mine who works at Future Track Running Center in Agoura Hills dropped out of the race; having finished in 3:22 last year, he saw little point in staying on the course for 4+ hours in overheated misery! The winner of the men's race finished in 2:12:40 this year, nearly 10 minutes slower than last year's winning time.

Here are some of the top local runners who did complete the whole course. Congratulations to all!

  • Blue Benadum, 32, Malibu: 2:42:08 (100th overall!)
  • Jessica Douglas, 30, Santa Barbara: 3:12:41 (79th female overall)
  • Pete Feldman, 47, Santa Barbara: 3:16:58
  • Joy Zemella, 36, Santa Barbara: 3:19:37 (153rd female overall)
  • Craig Prater, 47, Santa Barbara: 3:20:50
  • Simon Martin, 45, Newbury Park: 3:26:40 (1st Ventura County finisher)
  • Steven Kulchin, 57, Santa Barbara: 3:34:01 (61st in age group)
  • Leanne Mohr, 26, Camarillo: 3:34:25 (2nd Ventura County finisher)
  • Joslynn Spreadbury, 35, Santa Barbara: 3:37:30
  • Fred Alvarez, 49, Ojai: 3:37:35
  • Rebecca Getman, 23, Calabasas: 3:38:22
  • Barry Wallman, 60, Camarillo: 3:38:30 (19th in age group)
  • Andrew Whittington, 45, Thousand Oaks: 3:38:39
  • Jason Griffith, 40, Thousand Oaks: 3:40:03
  • Sharon Pick, 45, Thousand Oaks: 3:41:03 (56th in age group)
  • Brianna Alban, 23, Thousand Oaks: 3:41:09
  • Erik Lange, 44, Ventura: 3:41:57
  • Scott Hambly, 45, Thousand Oaks: 3:42:24
  • Dana Janowicz, 36, Camarillo: 3:42:31
  • Larissa White, 25, Santa Barbara: 3:42:49

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