The Stonehaus Coffeehouse and Wine Tasting Room at the Westlake Village Inn to Open Late Summer

Update 10/31/12: The Stonehaus opened on Thursday, November 1st.

Update 9/24/12: The Stonehaus will be opening "in just a few weeks time"

The beautiful Westlake Village Inn will soon be opening a new Tuscan-style coffeehouse and wine tasting room, The Stonehaus. The 2800 square foot stand-alone location, with a 760 square foot. private tasting room, is nestled within the Inn’s own vineyard and is expected to open sometime in September. In fact, they are currently accepting applications for baristas, wine stewards and other staff at

According to a press release from the Inn, The Stonehaus will be a "unique vibrant morning coffee house with the aroma of freshly baked croissants, breads and our privately labeled roasted coffees filling the air. As the morning transitions into late afternoon, the interior takes on a European winery feel that will be complimented with exterior brushed limestone pathways and patios. The warmth of an exterior stone fireplace and wood burning pizza oven will complement the authenticity of the experience. You will be able to sip our private label wine and enjoy the sound of our lime stone patio fountain or sit in the shade of ancient oak tree taking in the backdrop of our waterfall. The grounds will be landscaped with pathways that will meander through the vineyards and play host to weddings or special events."

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