The Counter® Has Opened in Westlake Village! Custom Burgers!

For those of you not familiar with The Counter, let me tell you this. My wife first heard about The Counter from the Oprah show 3 years ago. Apparently Oprah mentioned it was her favorite burger and people went Counter crazy. We drove down to Santa Monica to the original The Counter and the whole family enjoyed it.

Soon thereafter, my wife begged me to open up The Counter in the Conejo Valley. We did not pursue that (I prefer to visit restaurants, not own them) but someone else did! The Counter Westlake Village, located at 30990 Russell Ranch Road (corner of Lindero near Costco), opened on Monday, April 6th. Visit or call 818.889.0080.

The Counter has an amazing menu (see below) that has over 312,000 different burger combinations (can I get a statistician to verify this?).  Wow, the Octomom and each of her family of 15 could each eat a different burger at The Counter for 57 years!!!  As you can see, there are 4 burgers, 10 cheeses, 28 toppings, 18 sauces and 3 types of buns to choose from.

I originally posted this on 4/9/09. Over the last 4 months, my wife has dined there approximately 20 times.  She and my family are huge fans.  The kids love the mini burgers. The teenager enjoys the big, fat, juicy burgers.  The wife enjoys turkey burgers. I eat whatever leftovers they bring home and pay the credit card bill.  Mouthwatering (the food, that is, not the credit card bill)! The Crispy Fried Onion Strings and Sweet Potato Fries are delicious too.  My wife also brings out of town guests to The Counter and everyone has given it rave reviews!