The Community Roots Garden is a Non-Profit Volunteer Opportunity in Oxnard

The Community Roots Garden is a non-profit community garden open to the public to come and volunteer, learn, and share food together. We are a ministry of, and are located, at the North Oxnard United Methodist Church, 2300 West Gonzales Road, Oxnard.

Farming an acre with volunteers is no small feat. Many hands are needed, and we welcome yours! We invite you to come dig, weed, learn, teach, ask questions, take a shift on irrigation, bring food for potlucks, share your ideas, or donate materials or funding. You can help in whatever way you’d like. It is a rewarding project because it is tangible—you can watch it grow!—and for the simple satisfaction of working with others on something meaningful.  Working in the garden is also a fun way to complete needed community service hours.  No experience necessary. Children welcome. Se habla español.

Please bring a sunhat, sunblock, and sturdy shoes. Tools and water provided.  For more information on volunteering, call Katerina at 805-616-2326.  Visit our website at or find us on Facebook.

Play Days:  Saturdays from 9am-12pm (free meal prepared by Youth using garden harvest)  Sundays from 1-4pm (community potluck). Call for tours and info on upcoming workshops!

Groundbreaking of "Simi at the Garden" on Tuesday, February 15th

The Simi Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church has allocated over 2 acres of their land for the betterment of our community! The land will be transformed into Simi Valley’s first community garden! We need you, the community, to come out and support this community building endeavor!

The 2 acres that will soon be transformed!

This is projected to be a big success given that this is the first community garden in Simi Valley. Our surrounding communities (ie.: Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Chatsworth, etc.) have these types of gardens, and are filled with a waiting list! Community gardens are in demand, and the fact that the SDA church has given their land for the betterment of the community shows a lot. We, as the community can show our gratitude through volunteering, sponsorships, donations, or merely lending a hand at whatever talent or resource we may possess.  It will take a big effort by all of us to get this project off the ground.

In conjunction with the garden, we will be establishing what we call a wellness program which will involve so much more than the garden itself! Emphasis will be put on public health education involving healthy lifestyle choices such as cooking classes, healthy lifestyle seminars, and community outreach.

We have many exciting things planned for this garden for both young and old.  Not only will the community members be able to come together and enjoy a healthy environment, but it will provide an outlet for community networking, health education, physical activity, and just good clean (or dirty) fun. The benefits are endless and we believe that everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to give back to your community.  It’s time we get our hands dirty, literally!

The ground breaking is scheduled for February 15 at 4pm at 1636 Sinaloa Road, at the Simi Valley Seventh Day Adventist School. Please come out and “Simi at the Garden” to show your support for your community. Call Salina Perry at 310-617-3863 for more information.

Check us out at to view upcoming events, contact information, and to see the progress.  We are now a proud member of the American Community Garden Association.