2019 Summer Beach Buses in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark

The City of Agoura Hills 2019 Summer Beach Bus transports from three pick-up locations in Agoura Hills to Zuma Beach Station #5!  Locations are Lindero Canyon Middle School, Agoura High School and the southeast corner of Liberty Canyon and Agoura Road. The program runs Monday through Friday from 6/17 to 8/16. Bring a photo ID (Driver's License, School ID, or a home-made emergency contact card will suffice) and exact change of $2.00 each way! Visit www.ci.agoura-hills.ca.us for specific pick-up times.

The City of Thousand Oaks is offering a 2019 Summer Beach Bus to Zuma Beach (Lot 5) every Monday through Friday from June 10 through August 9 (except July 4th and 5th) for $3 each way ($1.50 for seniors/disabled). Cash only, exact fare required. Multi-ride passes are available. Departure spots for both buses include the Borchard Community Center Parking Lot and Thousand Oaks Teen Center Bus Stop. Detailed schedules at www.totransit.org. Departs 9am and 10am on Mon-Wed and 9am, 10am and 11am from Borchard Center Thu-Fri.

The 2019 City of Calabasas Beach Bus to Zuma Beach is only for residents of Calabasas and Hidden Hills from TBA. Youth under age 18 must present ID from a Calabasas/Hidden Hills school and adults must show proof of residency. $2 each way. There are five pickup locations in Calabasas ranging from 10 am to 3:25 pm. Visit www.cityofcalabasas.com/beachbus.html for specifics.

The City of Moorpark offers a 2019 beach bus to Zuma Tuesdays through Thursdays, 6/19/18 to 8/16/18. Visit moorparkca.gov/794/2018-Beach-Bus for details. $5 round-trip for adults/students and $2 for seniors/disabled. Five pickup points in Moorpark, starting at 8:50 am at Campus Canyon School to 9:30 am at Peach Hill Park. Two trips per day. Open to the general public. No smoking, eating or drinking allowed on buses…but hey, you can text and talk all ya want!

County of Ventura Advises Public to Avoid Contact with Ocean Water 72 Hours After Rainfall

The Ventura County Environmental Health Division is providing the following precautionary information for the public.

Rainfall that is significant enough to result in runoff can flow into storm drains, channels, creeks, and rivers that empty onto the beaches of Ventura County. In general, 0.2 inches (2 tenths of an inch) of rainfall may be enough to create significant runoff conditions.

There is a potential for storm water runoff to carry disease causing bacteria to the beaches and into the ocean water. In addition, storm water runoff can transport physical hazards such as partially submerged tree limbs and logs into the ocean that could result in serious physical injury. Contact with this runoff water will result in an increased risk to human health and should be avoided for at least 72 hours after all rainfall activity has ended.

As a result of the recent and predicted rainfall, the public is advised to avoid body contact with all storm water runoff and ocean water at all Ventura County beaches. Any items that may have come in contact with runoff or ocean water should also be avoided. If contact occurs, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Any shellfish on or from Ventura County beaches may have also been exposed to this contamination and should not be eaten.

This advisory will remain in effect for 72 hours (3 days) after all rainfall has ended.

Results for specific beaches are also available on the Environmental Health Division hotline (recorded information), 805/662-6555, and at www.ventura.org/rma/envhealth/technical-services/ocean/index.html.

You can also view any current beach advisories and learn about the State ocean water quality standards on the VC Safe Beaches app, available for Android and Apple devices.

County of Ventura website: www.ventura.org

Lifeguards Return to Harbor Cove Beach in Ventura for the Summer

Lifeguards Return to Harbor Cove Beach for the Summer

Beautiful views of the Ventura hills, small lapping waves, and windblown sand dunes are just a few things that attract local families to Harbor Cove Beach during hot summer days. Coined as one of the safest beaches in Ventura, locals often refer to this protected shoreline as, “Mother’s Beach.”

But two years ago, the future of lifeguard services at this hidden gem were in jeopardy due to budget changes. The safety of this beach cannot only be attributed to the breakwater that keeps it protected from high tides and large waves, without lifeguards, beachgoers at even the safest of beaches can be at risk. The Ventura Port District realized the importance of these services to the people of Ventura and visitors alike and negotiated a contract with the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation that would allow lifeguard services to remain intact at Harbor Cove Beach.

Oscar Peña, the General Manager of the Port District believes this is an important service for visitors and local residents to feel secure as they enjoy the summer season. Peña said, “The Board of Port Commissioners feels this is money well spent in our community.”

Lifeguard services will be offered now through September 5, Labor Day, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Ample showers and free parking are just a few perks of Harbor Cove Beach. Conveniently located next to the Ventura Harbor Village, spending the day at Harbor Cove Beach is a great way to relax in the sun and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the Ventura Harbor.

Also located next to the Harbor Cove Beach is the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center with FREE daily admission from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. With a newly opened tidal pool exhibit located inside the visitor’s center and the recently released Channel Islands movie narrated by Kevin Costner, “A Treasure in the Sea” there is something for everyone.

And when lunchtime rolls around, the kid-friendly Harbor Cove Café is located right across the street and is a great place for breakfast, lunch, or an early dinner.

For more information about Harbor Cove Beach contact: Pat Hummer, Senior Harbor Patrol Officer for the Port District at 805-642-8618.