Seven Year Olds Injured in UPS Traffic Mishap in Thousand Oaks on July 26th

Posting this as a reminder of how kids can get themselves into strange situations. Thankfully these 7 year olds will be o.k.

The Thousand Oaks Police Department reports that on July 26th at 3:15 p.m. a UPS truck was delivering packages in the 2400 block of Springbrook Street in Thousand Oaks. While the driver was making a delivery, two seven-year old boys climbed onto the back step of the truck. The driver returned to the vehicle and was not aware that the children were still on the step.

The driver started the truck and drove off. The children fell off the back step and landed onto the asphalt.

Both kids were taken by ambulance to the hospital for head injuries. One was treated and released. The other was admitted and is expected to fully recover.