Popeyes Louisiana Chicken is Coming to Moorpark

I was passing through Moorpark today driving east on Los Angeles Avenue when I noticed a new Popeyes® Louisiana Chicken to the right of me. I was able to snap this quick shot as I sped by. While I'm personally not a big fried chicken fan, the rest of my family is. That's not to say that I won't eat some if it appears in my kitchen. This would make it the 5th Popeyes location within and in close proximity to Ventura County, with other locations in Westlake Village (on the cusp of Ventura County), Simi Valley and 2 in Oxnard. Find the specifics at http://popeyes.com/locator.php.

This Popeyes is located in the vicinity of Los Angeles Avenue near Spring Road.

And on a related note, I'm a stickler for appropriate use of apostrophes, and thus when I see the name Popeyes without the apostrophe gives me an unsettling feeling. Maybe I just have a mild case of OCD. Hmm. Hope my wife doesn't read this.

In any case, I've always made the mental assumption that this chain but of course is named after the famous cartoon character. But I looked at the menu and noticed spinach is nowhere to be found. Curious, I read about the chain's history on its website and discovered that it was named after Gene Hackman's character, James "Popeye" Doyle, in The French Connection.

Amazing how much you can learn from a quick drive through Moorpark. Just wish Popeyes would consider adding an apostrophe to their name.