Perhaps It's Not a Good Idea to Post Your Whereabouts in Facebook and Twitter

This Ventura County Sheriff's Department news release is a case study in why you don't want to tell people where you're going in Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere on the Web! Though in this case, it was a friend of the victim who made that mistake. But the good news is...the GPS system in the computer's software allowed Sheriffs to recover the computer from the culprit. Nice!

On February 18, 2011, Sheriff’s deputies from the Moorpark Patrol Station responded to a residential burglary call in an unincorporated area outside of Moorpark.  Suspect(s) had entered the residence and had stolen a laptop computer.

Moorpark Station Detectives interviewed the victim and learned that a friend of the victim had innocently posted on FaceBook that the victim and his family were visiting Universal Studios on the day of the burglary.  Detectives also learned that the stolen computer was equipped with a GPS system embedded into the computer’s software.  Through the use of the GPS, Moorpark detectives were able to track the stolen computer to a hotel room in the City of Ventura.

With the assistance of patrol deputies from the Headquarters Station, Moorpark detectives contacted the suspect, Arnold Ikeda, at the hotel room, and arrested him for possessing the stolen computer.  Ikeda was also charged with several drug related offenses, as a subsequent investigation showed that he was also involved in narcotics sales from the hotel room.  During the investigation, a second suspect, Desiree Lovio, arrived at the location and was also arrested on drug related charges.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is reminding everyone who uses social networking websites to do so responsibly.  Be cautious of the information you post on these sites as criminals have the ability to learn of your daily activities and use the information to facilitate their crimes.