Ojai Author Kate Sexton's New Novel "Awakening the Essence" Released May 3rd

First book of a trilogy that contains over ten years of research

Ojai author Kate Sexton's new novel, Awakening the Essence: Book One of The Siren Chronicles, was released Tuesday, May 3rd. This is the first book of The Siren Chronicles, a trilogy focused on the ancient history of Europe as unveiled through the eyes of a modern woman's journey of discovery. Demonstrating a gift for the creation of legend, Sexton delivers a hypnotic novel of mysteries and profound knowledge and makes real a great dynasty - a family given to history and mythology, to murder and forbidden wisdom, to song and philosophy; a family that is itself haunted by a dangerous and secretive enemy.

About the Story
On a mountainside in the south of France, Rory Forsythe, a beautiful and successful entertainment executive, awakens from a car accident to discover she has acquired sensory abilities that both mystify and frighten her. While trying to comprehend these new abilities, she is catapulted into a worldwide power struggle that began eons ago.  With handsome Irishman Kelsey O'Keefe at her side, Rory takes up the hunt for the hidden location of an ancient family fortune. As these two set out to solve the mystery of her past, the novel moves backward and forward in time, from the present to an ancient temple in Babylon, and to a tribal circle of judgment held 8,000 years ago. Rory's inspired yet dangerous moves in this ruthless game bind her to the legacy she was born to protect - The Siren Chronicles.

Millennia ago women were honored as matriarchs and the leaders of nations. Respected and powerful. Today women fight for an equal role in society, their power suppressed, their intelligence hidden, and their voice muffled. Why? Was it simply the vagaries of history or a secretly executed plan? With a dreamlike power, the novel draws us through circuitous, dusky paths to the present. And always - through peril, tension and escape - there swirl around us echoes of eternal war; innocence versus evil, sanity against madness, life versus death.

About the Author
During her years of research Kate Sexton discovered Marija Gimbutas' groundbreaking archeological findings, Bryan Sykes genetic work, numerous authors on linguistics and the origins of Indo-European languages, Merlin Stone, James George Frazer, and so many others whose works, each dog-eared and marked with highlighter, now fill seven bookcases. Kate's novel weaves a story filled with truths drawn from archeology, linguistics, anthropology, myths and religions, and reveals a stunning conclusion about the ancient history of the western world, the women who created civilization, and the men who destroyed it.

A proud fourth generation working woman, Kate volunteers and works with visual, literary and performing arts nonprofits, supporting programs for young people to find their bliss through art. She serves on two literary boards of directors: the Ventura County Writers Club and the Pacific Institute for Professional Writing. She has lived in Ventura County for 22 years and recently moved to Ojai, California.

Awakening the Essence is published by Indigo Woman Publishing, a new publishing company located in Ventura, CA that focuses on fiction and nonfiction in the field of "Women Rising." Current plans are to offer two to three new titles annually, with equality of the sexes as a primary theme.

Awakening the Essence: Book One of The Siren Chronicles is available through Amazon (print and Kindle versions) and eStore for the printed version, and for other ebook formats visit www.TheSirenChronicles.com/. Links to preview or purchase the book can be found at www.TheSirenChronicles.com/. Ms Sexton's blog is www.OneWomansVoice.com. Book Two of The Siren Chronicles, Sirens of the Sunset Realm, is planned for 2013 release.

To review the book, please contact Karen Marshall at Indigo Woman Publishing, 805-633-1506 or Karen@IndigoWomanPublishing.com.