Not So Fast! Al Adam and Dennis Gillette Are 57 Votes Apart as Counting Continues

The next time the Ventura County election Web site will be updated will be today at 5 p.m. CVG will keep you updated.

Thousand Oaks City Council election results have not been certified and two of the candidates running for one of the three available seats are currently only about 50 votes apart.  That leaves Mayor Dennis Gillette and challenger Al Adam both wondering which one of them will be serving on the council for the next four years. Council member Claudia Bill-de la Pena got the most votes with Mayor Pro-Tem Andy Fox, who is usually at the top, coming in second. It's her third term and his fifth. Dennis is hoping for his fourth term. There were 13 candidates for City Council on the Nov. 2 ballot.

No one will know who wins for at least another week, Ventura County Clerk and Recorder Mark Lunn said. "It's far from over," he said.

His permanent staff of 15 along with 45 temporary workers still have about 14,000 ballots countywide left to count. These include some 4,100 of which they must either verify the signatures or correct mistakes such as those with lines that were not drawn so the computer would count them. Absentee ballots on which people wrote notes must also be cleaned up so the machines will scan them. Workers are making sure people did not vote more than once. They'll check this by looking at the precinct rosters and comparing them to absentee ballots cast. There are 10,557 provisional ballots that will also be checked carefully to make sure everything is in order such as everyone who voted were registered voters.

"It's too early to know who won. It is what it is. God Bless America," Lunn said.