Los Angeles Rams to Hold Spring Practices in Oxnard from April 18 to June 17, 2016

On February 23rd, the Oxnard City Council approved a lease agreement between the Los Angeles Rams and the City, permitting the Rams to hold spring practices in Oxnard from April 18-June 17, 2016. The practices will be held at the River Ridge fields, located near the corner of Ventura Road and Vineyard Avenue.

The Dallas Cowboys will utilize the same practice facilities for their summer camp later this year. In contrast to summer camps, spring mini camps are less formal, do not include players in pads, and are generally not open to the public. Last year, the Rams and Cowboys held a joint practice that drew several thousand fans to the City. Although there are no plans to open spring practices to the public, the option has not been ruled out.

The Rams will use the on-site locker room facilities from March 28 - June 24 , 2016 and the football fields from April 18 – June 17.

The Rams’ spring training camp will not affect the Cowboys’ summer camp plans.