Loehmann's in Newbury Park is Closing! :<

As I was stopping PetSmart in Newbury Park to pick up goldfish food for my 5 year old's recent addition to his pet collection on Saturday, October 30th, I noticed a lot of "40% to 80%" signs along the road. Much to my wife's chagrin, we discovered that the Newbury Park Loehmann's is closing its doors. In fat, they are even selling store furniture and fixtures...pretty much everything except the walls. My wife asked me scope it out for her and there's stuff in there, but a fraction of what used to be. The pickens appear to be getting slim. Last day the store will be open is Sunday, November 7th.

There ain't any other Loehmann's close by here in Ventura County. The next closest stores are in Reseda, Burbank and Beverly Hills.