Local "Things to Do" Businesses That Recently Have Closed Their Doors

Running a business of any type is a challenge and that certainly holds true for the "things to do" types of businesses highlighted here in Conejo Valley Guide. While most of us patronize these types of businesses...gyms, indoor play, gaming and the like....the reality is that it takes a lot of work covering the overhead and making a reasonable profit. So be sure to check them out at Do Something and Kid Fun and support them as much as you can!

That said, in recent months and years, a number of these business have sadly closed their doors:

  • Newbury Park Athletic Club (August 2012)
  • Knuckleheads Gym in Newbury Park
  • Body Temple Gym in Camarillo
  • Imagine That Indoor Play in Ventura
  • NextGen Gaming in Newbury Park
  • Pandora's Paintbox in Newbury Park
  • RollerDome in Thousand Oaks (October 2010)
  • Young Chef's Academy in Simi Valley (2012)
  • Jolly Jumps Party Place in Camarillo (September 2011)
  • Simply Ceramics in Thousand Oaks (2010)

 But on the positive side, a number of new business have opened in recent years:

These are just a few. Now go have some fun!