KreAsian Kitchen Now Open at the North Ranch Mall in Westlake Village

Update 10/5/16: KreAsian Kitchen opened today. That was quick! 

Can you say, "Spicy Tuna Burrito"?

Can you say, "Spicy Tuna Burrito"?

Posted 9/15/16:

Amelia S once again have the heads up via the Conejo Valley Guide Facebook Page that a new eatery is coming to the North Ranch Mall at 3845 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village at the former home of Dejaun Jewelers.

The place is called KreAsian Kitchen and although its website at is not currently up and running (as of 9/15/16), we were able to glean a little more about this new place with the tagline "Making the World Better, One Stomach at a Time" from a craigslist job posting: "KreAsian Kitchen is now rolling and bowling in Westlake Village. We are a Create Your Own Asian Kitchen were diners can build their own Rolls, Bowls, and Sushi Burritos. Fast Casual dining setting."