If Black Friday at The Oaks Mall is Any Indication, the Local Economy is Booming

Store clerks arrived at The Oaks mall to find long lines waiting for them to open on Black Friday. Every store in the mall was offering enticing sales. Well dressed women wore stylish sports shoes ready to shop for the day. As those who watch the economy know, it's not how many people are at the mall, it's how many people are there carrying bags full of purchases. There were men sitting together on the leather sofas--the furniture added to the mall's decor when it was remodeled. When the husbands' cell phones went off the men were summoned to their wives' sides to take out heavy bags and put them in the trunk of their cars so the women would not be burdened as they continued to shop. Teenagers in Santa hats didn't slow down to buy candy, pretzels or cinnamon rolls. They had been given lists and were on scavenger hunts. Their assigned quest was to bring home the most valuable sale items before quantities were depleted. Santa hasn't arrived at the mall, yet, but his elves may be finished wrapping gifts and packing his sleigh by the time children are lining up to tell them what they want.