Fusion Grill to Open This Fall at the Oakbrook Plaza in Thousand Oaks

Update 11/18/16: Fusion Grill is now open at its new location in Thousand Oaks.

About a month ago I spoke with the owner of Fusion Grill in Newbury Park about the status of it opening a Thousand Oaks location at the Oakbrook Plaza (Avenida de los Arboles and Erbes Road) in the space previously occupied by Chang 101 (and prior to that, Chen's Szechwan Restaurant, which closed in September 2008 for you local history buffs).

The response was that they would actually be relocating from Newbury Park to this larger location in Thousand Oaks and that it would be happening in the Fall 2016 time frame; possibly as early as late October.

Fusion Grill serves "contemporary, eclectic Italian, French and Asian cuisine and has rave reviews in Yelp. 

And there you have it.  Learn more at www.fusiongrill1.com.