Explorers' Emporium in Simi Valley May Be the Most Unique Store in Ventura County

Update 11/3/17: Owners announced via Facebook that they will be moving out of state 1/1/18 but that their online store will remain open.

Explorers' Emporium Simi Valley

Explorers' Emporium may well be the most unique store in Ventura County. 

A friend from Simi Valley has a son who has an interest in fossils. He received a good deal of help on his project at the store and told me I had to check it out.

I stopped by and it took me awhile to take it all in. Explorers' Emporium is a small store yet carries a jaw-dropping, eclectic assortment of items geared towards creative types.

An entire section of the store contains replicas of dinosaur teeth and other items like shark teeth. There is a huge assortment of archery supplies, Dungeons & Dragons gaming, crafts, steampunk, Renaissance Faire costumes, science projects, board games and much more.

There's an entire display of dinosaur replica items, like teeth and claws available for purchase for both educational and hobby/collecting use. I on the other hand couldn't help but purchase these Tyrannosaurus rex teeth for a few hard to shop for friends.

Located in the Stone Gate Shopping Center at 5766 E. Los Angeles Avenue (at Yosemite) in the east end of Simi Valley. Explorers' Emporium opened this past summer but its owners have been providing creative, science and learning programs to the local community for over 25 years.

Emplorers' Emporium offers a variety of programs, both on-site and at local schools and organizations, including fossil/dinosaur programs, archaic man programs, Dungeon and Dragons encounters, science/nature workshops, Magic: the Gathering sessions, Tandy leather classes, miniature/figurine painting, music, gaming and more. Visit www.explorersemporium.com/programs.php for details.

Learn more at explorersemporium.com or call 805.791.3002.

Renaissance Fair and Steampunk garb available for purchase at Explorers' Emporium

Renaissance Fair and Steampunk garb available for purchase at Explorers' Emporium