Bulldog Auction House and Retail Location in Camarillo

Recently I happened upon the Bulldog Auction House, located at 3233 Mission Oaks Blvd, Unit A in Camarillo (near the Technicolor facility).

Bulldog is on online auction house with locations in Canoga Park and Camarillo locally, offering a variety of items for auction, including home goods, toys, appliances, furniture, auto supplies, cleaning supplies, baby supplies and a wide range of other items. Timing of the auctions vary.

But the Camarillo Bulldog Liquidators location also has a retail store with an interesting array of items for sale. Coffee, office supplies, chairs, furniture, tools, toys, games, household cleaning, food items (lots of coffee), and much more.  We're talking kind of a Big Lots in a warehouse with an eclectic assortment of items at discount items.

 Bulldog has been here for a number of months. Since it is co-located in corporate/industrial space, there is zero visibility from the main street, but it is just off the 101, west of Flynn Road.

I asked where the items came from and was told mostly overstock items. There did appear to be some used, perhaps returned items. Like a Trivial Pursuit game in an opened package that truly looked unused. There was quite an interesting assortment of items on hand for bargain hunters out there. There were also a lot of diapers, child seats and other items.

You can also check out items in the online auction. We're talking a massive assortment of kitchen electronics and other household/personal items like diapers, detergent and so much more.  The current auction has 800 items for sale. If you are the high bidder, you pay a 12% premium (be sure to take that into account in your bidding) and sales taxes.

Current retail store hours are Mon-Wed 8 am to 4 pm and Thurs-Sat 8 am to 5 pm. Learn more at www.bulldogauctionhouse.com or call 805.312.0327.

An interesting array of items at the Bulldog Liquidators warehouse in Camarillo

An interesting array of items at the Bulldog Liquidators warehouse in Camarillo