4th Surf'N Yogurt Location Coming Soon...to Mission Oaks Plaza in Camarillo

We are not lacking for frozen yogurt options throughout Ventura County as there are around 80 fro-yo, ice cream, gelato and other frozen treat places around town.

While we've seen some turnover recently with several local Golden Spoon closing in Agoura and Newbury Park, new places keep popping up. Apparently our appetite for frozen yogurt is unsatiable!

Surf'N Yogurt is opening a 4th location "soon" in Camarillo at the Mission Oaks Plaza at the corner of Mission Oaks Blvd and Woodcreek Road. Location is adjacent (to the right) of Mission Oaks Cafe. Surf'N Yogurt currently has 2 locations in Ventura and 1 in Santa Paula.

To learn more about their flavors and locations, visit www.surfnyogurt.com.