2013 Conejo Open Space Challenge Takes Place February 1st to May 1st


The 2013 Conejo Open Space Challenge takes place from February 1st through May 1st, when mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners and equestrians of all ages are challenged to experience ten of the best and most beautiful multi-use trails in the Conejo Open Space. This is a "virtual" event, where you will take photos at specific spots along trails and email them in for validation to show you have completed all of the event's trail segments.

The organizers' goal is to create a unique fundraiser event to benefit the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) on open space property that involves all trail users from people completely unfamiliar with the trails to long time veterans. COSCA is the organization entrusted with the responsibility of preserving, protecting and managing open space resources in the Conejo Valley, and manages and maintains all of the trails featured in this event.

Trail segments for this year's challenge include:

1. Sunset Hills Tr (Woodridge)
2. Lower Santa Rosa Tr (Wildwood)
3. Oakbrook Vista Tr to the bench (Lang Ranch)
4. Hidden Meadows Tr (Lang Ranch)
5. Skelton Canyon Tr (off Westlake Blvd.)
6. Los Padres Tr (Los Robles)
7. White Horse Canyon Tr (Los Robles)
8. Hawk Canyon Tr (Western Plateau)
9. Hill Canyon Tr (Conejo Canyons)
10. Sierra Vista Tr (Dos Vientos)

For all of the details about the 2013 Conejo Open Space Challenge, download the flyer at sbach.nathanmock.com/Conejo%20Challenge/.2013%20flyer.pdf.

For more information about COSCA visit www.conejo-openspace.org. Consider supporting COSCA by making a tax deductible donation to the Conejo Open Space Foundation www.cosf.org/website/html/support.html and by participating in one of the organization's many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.