Ventura County Library System


The Ventura County Library System includes 12 community branch libraries and a museum library.

The system offers books, magazines, book and music CDs, eBooks, audio books, streamable music, DVDs and more. A list of locations in the system is below. Visit the library website at for an online catalog and more information.

Your library card also gives you access to newspapers, language instruction, auto repair, genealogy resources and career tools. All of that, and there’s even more: find early literacy resources, encyclopedias, test preparation and biography, literature, science, and history databases.

VC Library System statistics as of July 16, 2018:

  • 327,291 print books
  • 56,178 eBooks
  • 8,723 books on CD
  • 11,710 eAudiobooks
  • 4,314 music CDs
  • 290,408 streamable music albums
  • 32,508 DVDs
  • 15,361 streamable movies
  • 24,008 streamable TV episodes
  • 23,789 magazines
  • 520 puppets

The VC Library's online eLibrary is available 24/7 at

To check out books at the libraries and obtain materials online, you'll need to obtain a library card at any of the libraries in the Ventura County Library system. The initial card is free.

Libraries in the system are as follows (additional details at

Avenue Library, 606 North Ventura Avenue, Ventura (805.643.6393)

Fillmore Library, 502 Second Street, Fillmore (805.524.3355)

E.P Foster Library, 651 East Main Street, Ventura (805.648.2716)

Museum of Ventura County Historical Research Library (805.653.0323)

Meiners Oaks Library, 114 North Padre Juan, Ojai (805.646.4804)

Oak Park Library, 899 North Kanan Road, Oak Park (818.889.2239)

Oak View Library, 555 Mahoney Avenue, Oak View (805.649.1523)

Ojai Library, 111 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai (805.646.1639)

Piru Library, 3811 Center Street, Piru (805.521.1753)

Ray D. Prueter Library, 510 Park Avenue, Port Hueneme (805.486.5460)

Saticoy Library1292 Los Angeles Avenue, Ventura (805.671.5148)

Albert H. Soliz Library (El Rio), 2820 Jourdan Street, Oxnard (805.485.4515)

Although the VC Library System does not prefer this, you can check out books from one library in the system and return them to another one. 

The following libraries in Ventura County and nearby areas are run by municipalities and thus are not part of the Ventura County Library System. You can check out books at these other libraries but will need separate library cards at them.