Conejo Valley Little League


Conejo Valley Little League (CVLL) is a chartered member of Little League Baseball.  Since 1963, CVLL has been a youth sports resource for boys and girls ages 4 to 18 years. The league has eight age-grouped divisions plus a Challenger Division for mentally and physically handicapped players.  In all, a typical Spring season will include about 450 players and 100 volunteers.  Practices begin in February and the playing season runs from early March to mid June.  A Fall Ball season runs from September through November.

CVLL produced the United States Champions in the 2004 Little League World Series. A few of those same players were part of the CVLL team that won the 2010 United States Big League Championship for players aged 18 and under!

The playing divisions and age groups of CVLL are:

Challenger Division - The Challenger Division is a unique program for mentally and/or physically challenged youth aged 5 thru high school age which allows the enjoyment of Little League participation in an athletic environment structured to their abilities.

Peanut Division (Ages 4 - 6) – Little League rules require that all 4, 5 & 6 year olds play in the Peanut Division, which does not allow pitching. The Peanut Division is strictly instructional and non-competitive, providing a fun environment that introduces players to the fundamentals of the game. There are no tryouts and players are assigned to teams by the CVLL Player Agent.

Minor International Division (Ages 6-8) – All 7 year old players and some 8 year olds will be assigned to this division, in which pitching is introduced. 6 year olds with at least 1 year of tee ball experience may petition to play in this division. This division is also non-competitive in that no standings are kept. Players are assigned to teams by the Player Agent.

Minor National Division (Ages 7-9) – This is a developmental division which introduces players to more advanced techniques involving base running, fielding and pitching. Players are drafted onto teams after participating in tryouts. 7 year olds may petition to play in this division. This is a player’s first exposure to a competitive division.

Minor American Division (Ages 9 – 12) – This division includes players aged 10 to 12 not drafted into the Majors, and enough 9 year olds to fill out the league. This division provides these players an opportunity to expand their skills by incorporating more advanced parts of the game such as base stealing and bunting. Players are drafted onto teams after participating in tryouts. Players aged 12 are not allowed to pitch. Players in this division may be drafted up to the Major Division during the regular season to fill a vacancy.

Major Division (Ages 10 – 12) – The Majors consists of experienced 10, 11 and 12 year old players participating in a highly skilled division. Managers stress sound fundamentals in all aspects of the game. Players are drafted onto teams after participating in tryouts.

Junior Division (Ages 13 & 14) – All 13 and 14 year olds participate in this division, which features lead offs, pick offs and a larger field. The division consists of CVLL teams and teams from other nearby leagues. Players are drafted onto teams after participating in tryouts.

ABDG Division (Ages 15-19) - Amateur Baseball Development Group

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