Camarillo Pony Baseball Association


Camarillo Pony Baseball Assocation offers two scheduled games per week for each team (except the Shetland league, which only plays one game per week), and operates six days a week. 

Team selection and field preparation is done in early February with practices beginning the end of the month. The season begins in early March, with over 80 teams playing two scheduled games a week, Monday through Saturday until early May. The next two weeks mark the beginning of our double-elimination post-season tournament, which continues until the Memorial Day weekend when no games are scheduled. All teams in the competitive leagues (Mustang and up) participate with a chance to become tournament champions. The All-Star teams begin their practices following the Memorial Day weekend and are entered in the appropriate tournaments, either in town or traveling. Ages 5 through 19.

More information at or call 805.388.0829.