Tiger Crane Kung Fu in Simi Valley

The ancient Chinese martial art of Hung Gar Kung Fu strengthens the mind, body, and spirit. Originating in the Shaolin Temple of China, Hung Gar is a style of Kung Fu that uses movements of animals such as the Tiger and the Crane for self defense. You will learn the skills of self-defense and evolve beyond the discipline of movement, into a deeper understanding of the wisdom behind the stances.

Hung Gar is a beneficial and enlightening practice for students of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to give you the tools and skills to reach farther and become more than you thought possible mentally, spiritually and physically. Learn a practice that has enhanced people's lives for centuries and applies directly to your modern time.

Tiger Crane Kung Fu is located at 1733 East Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley. Visit www.tigercrane.net or call 805.341.4696 for more information.