Surfer's Knoll Beach in Ventura

Surfer's Knoll Beach is located in Ventura adjacent from Ventura Harbor Village and as its name implies, is geared towards surfers, as well as others looking to relax and explore. Riptides are common here so be careful if you're a novice swimmer. There are restrooms and showers but no lifeguards on hand. There is a relatively small parking lot available at 1596 Spinnaker Drive; parking is free.

One great thing about this beach is that it is one of the few almost completely westbound facing beaches throughout the area, is a great place to catch the sunset! And several of the Channel Islands - Anacapa and Santa Cruz.

Though this is a nice, sandy beach, a better beach for kids/families is just north up the road at Harbor Cove Beach, which is calmer water, protected by jetties.