Explorers' Emporium in Simi Valley (CLOSED)

Update 11/3/17: Owners announced via Facebook that they will be moving out of state 1/1/18 but that their online store will remain open.

Explorers' Emporium in Simi Valley offers a large assortment of items for creative types in Ventura County and beyond. One of the most unique stores in the local area, there's an entire section containing replicas of dinosaur teeth, shark teeth and other items. There is a huge assortment of archery supplies, Dungeons & Dragons gaming, crafts, steampunk, Renaissance Faire costumes, science projects, board games and much more.

Located in the Stone Gate Shopping Center at 5766 E. Los Angeles Avenue (at Yosemite). Explorers' Emporium opened in Summer 2015 but its owners have been providing creative, science and learning programs to the local community for over 25 years.

Emplorers' Emporium offers a variety of programs, both on-site and at local schools and organizations, including fossil/dinosaur programs, archaic man programs, Dungeon and Dragons encounters, science/nature workshops, Magic: the Gathering sessions, Tandy leather classes, miniature/figurine painting, music, gaming and more. Visit explorersemporium.com/programs.html for details.

Learn more at explorersemporium.com or call 805.791.3002.

Dinosaur tooth and claw replicas...I bought a T rex tooth!

Dinosaur tooth and claw replicas...I bought a T rex tooth!