Ventura County Sheriff Office of Emergency Services Emergency Response Website


The Ventura County Sheriff Office of Emergency Services (OES) is responsible for countywide disaster planning, mitigation, response and recovery activities.  OES staff work with all Ventura County departments, ten cities, public and private organizations and community and civic groups. In the event of a disaster, OES is responsible for the County’s Emergency Operations Center, and coordination of the County’s Emergency Management Team, and for recovering the County’s disaster response costs from the state and federal governments.

OES posts information about information about fires, floods and other emergencies at has become the de facto “go to’ site for incident information, public safety power shutoffs, evacuations, emergency shelters and road closures. This is a “must bookmark” site.

With the onslaught of wildfire in Ventura County in recent years, another useful feature on the site is an INCIDENT MAP where you can type specific addresses and see if a location is under mandatory or voluntary evacuation, shelter in place, etc.

For other questions and concerns, OES can be reached at (805) 465-6650, option 2.

On a side note, the Ventura County Fire Department maintains a “Pulsepoint” site at which is a great place to find out what type of incidents are currently going on out there - fires, medical emergencies, aid requests, investigations, traffic accidents and more.

Also visit the Ready Ventura County site at

If you’re looking for updates on active emergency events directly from the VCFD Public Information Officer’s Twitter page at You do not need a Twitter account to access Tweets on that page.