The Texting While Driving Party is Over in January 2009!


Governor Schwarzenegger signed a law in September that prohibits text messaging while driving. The law takes effect January 1, 2009.

What is this state coming to?? First he outlaws using cell phones in cars. Then he says we can’t smoke when the kids are in the car. Then he outlaws trans fats from my fast food. Now no texting while driving? What’s next? No consumption of trans fat-free chili cheese fries while driving??

Sadly we need to legislate common sense at times, but this law should make the roads a little safer.  A number of Republicans, including local Tony Strickland, voted against the bill because they felt existing laws are sufficient to prosecute distracted driving.  Point taken.

The law, SB 28, indicates that a person cannot drive while using an “electronic wireless communications device” to manually communicate using text messages, instant messages or electronic mail.

OK, Joe Loophole has thought this through. The law says “electronic,” so whoever comes up with the first solar powered wireless device will find a way to get around this law!

The law goes says you are fine to simply read, select or enter a name or phone number or name in the device for purposes of making a call. How a cop will be able to tell the difference between texting and typing a name into a cell phone is beyond me!  Heck, what if you were typing the name Schwarzenegger into your phone!  That should be illegal!

Violation of this law will cost you a base fine of $20 for a first offense and $50 per offense thereafter.