The Oaks Celebrates Its Fifth Decade with Five Majestic Oak Trees Inside the Mall in Thousand Oaks

The Oaks Shopping Mall in Thousand Oaks. This shot taken early this morning, April 1, 2019, showing the majestic 100 foot oak trees planted inside the mall.

The Oaks originally opened its doors in April 1978 and is thus now in its fifth decade here in Thousand Oaks.

To celebrate this milestone, late yesterday this iconic shopping mall installed five majestic oak trees inside the mall. At over 100 feet in height, these five transplanted trees were relocated via crane into five designated spots near Macy’s (both stores), JCPenney, Nordstrom and the AMC Theater.

Alan Arbour, a local tree expert involved in the effort, notes “It was a monumental effort transporting these five massive trees, identifying spots inside the mall that would accommodate them and plopping them through specially made protrusion holes in the ceiling.”

“The visual element of these five spectacular trees above the mall’s airspace is incredible, if you ask me,” said Grace Gullibal, social media coordinator for The Oaks. “At over 100 feet tall, these trees can be seen from space.”

According to Pulin Mi Laig, spokesperson for The Oaks, “This is just the first step in aligning The Oaks Shopping Mall with the most familiar aspects of the local community.”

We asked what’s next. Pulin Mi Laig’s daughter Ann D. Howe chimed in, “Think rabbits. Lots of rabbits.”

All righty then. We shall see, we shall see.

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