SoCal Water$mart 2014-2015 Turf Removal Rebates Available to Local Residents

UPDATE 1: Due to high demand for this rebate program, MWD announced that new terms and conditions are applicable to rebate requests submitted after 1 p.m. on May 12, 2015. Residential turf removal rebates are now capped up to a maximum of $6,000 per property.  Those who received a previous rebate may apply for additional rebates up to a maximum of $6,000 per property for all past and current rebate requests.  The program was increased from $100 million to $450 million

UPDATE 2 (7/9/15): Believe it or not, MWD announced yesterday that the additional turf rebate funds have been depleted due to extraordinary public response and that applications will no longer be accepted later this week.  A waiting list for future rebates will be maintained by MWD to allocate any rebates earmarked for turf removal that are not claimed by approved applicants.


The average homeowner uses over half their water on outdoor irrigation and water-intensive turf grass is the primary culprit. The State of California offers a rebate of $2 to $3 per sq ft of turf removed in the SoCal Water$mart 2014-2015 Turf Removal Program.

To qualify for a rebate, customers must remove actual grass in a designated area and be replaced with a new landscape that does not include live turf or turf-looking plants, but must include some non-turf plants and follow and additional municipal/city requirements. The new landscape must be permeable to air and water; areas with concrete and other surfaces do not qualify for the rebate. Synthetic turf is eligible for rebates unless otherwise not states in your area's terms and conditions.

Funding is available on a first come, first served basis based on available funding. Work must be done within 120 days after receiving approval for the rebate.

Learn more and file for a rebate at

Find out if your specific property address is eligible, and how much your rebate will be based on estimated square footage at

If you are served in the Calleguas Municipal Water District, including Camarillo, Moorpark, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks (including Newbury Park and incorporated portion of Westlake Village), Port Hueneme and unincorporated areas including Camarillo Heights, Fairview, Las Posas Valley, Oak Park, Santa Rosa Valley, Lake Sherwood, Somis, and Naval Base Ventura County, you are most likely included in this rebate program.