Send an Email Into the Future with

A year ago I tried this, completely forgot about it, out of the blue, received an email yesterday morning. At first I thought the email from was spam, but the title I created exactly one year ago, "Writing to My Future Self," enticed me to open it.  Kind of neat surprise! I didn't write much but I was happy to receive the email. is really simple. Type an email to yourself and schedule it to be sent anytime up to 40 years into the future. Or create an account and send others an email in the future. There is no charge, though donations are accepted.

It's so simple that you don't have to read any instructions. I love that! A form is displayed prominently on the home page with the caption "What do you want to say to your future self?" Within minutes or seconds you'll be done.

What a great way of reminding yourself of something in the future. Or how about emailing an anniversary or birthday wish to someone years into the future. Or use it like a journal. You can also add a picture to the email.

One thing to consider if you're sending something to yourself 20 years from now is...use an email address you'll still be using.

Check it out and enjoy!