Return of the Hydrox...Coming in August

HydroxHydrox, the world's only cookie that sounds like a skin moisturizer, is returning from retirement for a brief stint sometime in late August 2008.  Hydrox was taken off the market in 1999, so this is a big deal to diehard Hydrox fans.  Visit for more information.

Hydrox was launched by the Sunshine Biscuits Company in 1908 as the first creme filled chocolate sandwich cookie.  The Oreo didn't come out until 1912 but soon Nabisco's marketing and distribution power had Oreo running circles around Hydrox.  In fact, nearly half a TRILLION Oreos have been sold since they were launched, making them the top selling cookie of the 20th century.

I like an underdog, so I'm cheering the return of the Hydrox and hope that enough people catch on to them again so that Kellogg's (which bought the company that owned the Hydrox brand in 2001) keeps them on the market.  I barely remember what Hydrox tastes like but I've heard they are slightly less sweet than Oreos.

So why did they create the name Hydrox based on hydrogen and oxygen, the elements that make up water?  Beats me!  Though even more perplexing is where the name Oreo came from. Nobody seems to know the answer to that one, even Nabisco.  Though the theory that the "re" came from "cream" that was sandwiched between the two "o's" from chocolate seems almost plausible.

So let's lead the effort to bring back the Hydrox permanently.  Kellogg's, if you read this, please feel free to send me a few cases of retro Hydrox cookies later this summer and I promise to spread the Hydrox gospel!  How about an Oreo/Hydrox Taste Challenge a la Coke/Pepsi!!??  Hydrox fans, let Kellogg's know you want the Hydrox back for good!