Recent American Express Letter Regarding Security Breach - An Example of Good Communication

My wife recently received this letter in the mail from American Express:

The 2nd page of the letter (not shown) apologized for any inconvenience and was signed by the VP, Privacy Officer.

While at first it was scary to read the letter, it quickly was apparent that Amex had a handle on the situation and was closely monitoring the account for fraud perpetrated by the former employee who obtained the credit card information.

And I was most impressed by the fact that the toll-free was immediately answered by a LIVE PERSON when I called at 8 pm!  No wait, no transfers, no provide all sorts of information.  The woman on the other end of the line was friendly, cordial, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I was truly expecting a recorded line, 20 minute wait, hold, provide card number, PIN, mom's maiden name, mailing address, etc., etc.

Nice job Amex! You took a negative situation and turned it positive!