Purchase a Snoopy License Plate to Support California Museums

The California Association of Museums (CAM) recently announced a new program called the Snoopy Plate initiative! CAM has partnered with the California DMV to issue a special license plate featuring Snoopy, the world's favorite beagle. Snoopy license plates are now on sale at www.snoopyplate.com.

Proceeds from the official Snoopy license plate will support California’s museums through a new competitive grant program.

Each plate will feature a reproduction of an original Snoopy drawing by PEANUTS creator Charles M. Schulz. Snoopy will be doing his happy dance, probably in anticipation of a visit to a local museum in and around Ventura County (and other parts of California).

Sequential Snoopy license plates are just $50. Personalized plates are $98. Once 7,500 applications have been received, the DMV will put the plates into production and, voilà, a Snoopy license plate and museum grant program are ours!

So, don’t hesitate! Go to www.snoopyplate.com today to sign up for your Snoopy license plate, or to get more information. And, ask your friends and family to help us achieve this goal.

Learn more about the California Cultural and Historical Endowment Program Snoopy Plate initiative at resources.ca.gov/cche/SnoopyPlate.html.