National Park Service Parks and Websites Closed Due to Government Shutdown

Yay! Government shutdown ended on Thursday, October 17th. The National Park Service and other Government agencies are now back in business.

This is the screen shown on the National Park Service website as a result of the federal government shutdown. All national parks are closed and NPS websites and Facebook pages are not in operation until the shutdown ends.

The NPS has closed all 401 national parks, including park grounds, visitor centers, hotels, campgrounds and park roads (except for thru ways). All programs are cancelled and permits for special events on park grounds are rescinded.

The shutdown will affect over 20,000 NPS employees, who are furloughed until an appropriation is passed, while 3,000 employees continue to work on essential services, including security, emergency services and firefighting.

For updates, visit the Department of the Interior website at

Sign at Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa trailhead in Newbury Park.