Have You Heard About the Mysterious "Secret Menu" at Jamba Juice?

While out with my 9 year old son and his friend, we decided to stop by the local Jamba Juice for a smoothie. As I was driving, the kids were talking about "special" flavors at Jamba Juice and how the Sourpatch Kids flavor was so good.

I interjected, "Huh? What are you talking about?" Then my kid's friend educated me a bit. There's a special "Secret Menu" at Jamba Juice that you have to know about to order. I asked him where he saw it. He wasn't exactly sure, but he said it did exist.

As we parked, I had my doubts about this so-called "special" menu. I go to Jamba Juice all the time. How could this 4th grader know something I don't? So we place our orders. He goes first. "I'll have a 16 ounce Sourpatch Kids" he says nonchalantly. My son says, "me too." I ordered my standard Aloha Pineapple and asked the gal behind the counter, "Is there a secret Jamba Juice menu?" She nodded yes. "Is it on the Jamba Juice website?" The answer was non-committal. We left with smoothies in hand and a puzzled look on my face.

While there is no sign of a "secret menu" on the Jamba Juice website, I did find this handy website called Jamba Juice Secrets at www.JambaJuiceSecrets.com where, lo and behold, there is a listing of the "secret menu items."

Apparently this list of secret Jamba Juice concoctions was derived by employees who like to experiment. I have no idea if all Jamba Juice locations and employees are familiar with these items and how to make them, but why not give it a shot and see what happens.

There's a couple risque sounding flavors on the list but some of the top picks include Pink Starburst, the Sourpatch Kid flavor mentioned above (comprised of lemonade, a scoop of pineapple, rasberry, lime and orange sherbet and a scoop of blueberries), White Gummi Bear, Blue Gummi Bear, Skittles, Orange Dream Machine, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Red Gummi Bear, Fruity Pebbles and nearly 30 more.

I for one will attempt to order some of these in my future Jamba Juice visits, with or without the kids who taught me something new. And if you want a 20% discount on your Jamba Juice, visit Costco and purchase $50 in Jamba Juice gift cards for $39.99.