Self-Sealing Water Balloons are Saving Me Hours of Time This Summer!

As a parent of two boys and trusty husband, willing to be at the beck and call of serving the needs of my family, one of the most dreaded requests I receive is, "please fill up the water balloons." 

Yes, even here in drought-stricken Southern California, we're entitled to some fun with water balloons every now and then. They actually don't take a lot of water to fill them. But filling them and tying them rank fairly high on my list of dreaded tasks. It just takes awhile to do, some of them pop in my face, tying them is a pain in the next, etc.

So when I came across these "self-sealing" water balloons, I was intrigued. Do they really work? Are they worth it? (They are a bit more expensive than buying a standard package of water balloons.) 

So with little ado, I purchased several packages of these Zuru "Bunch O Balloons" and hid them away in the garage. Then finally I decided to surprise the kids with them.

Odd little buggers. Basically each package (which costs roughly $11 to $14) comes with 3 bunches of balloons attached to a hose connector. Each balloon has a tiny rubber band pre-attached to it. You screw the connector to the hose, turn the hose on, and the balloons start filling up. Within seconds, they start popping off the connector, each balloon nicely tied up and ready to become a projectile missile!

It was beautiful. Except when the kids started chasing me around the backyard, nailing me repeatedly with them. I was soaked, but thrilled that I didn't have to spend an hour filling the balloons up in back-breaking fashion.

I was amazed at how easy this was and how well it worked. Out of the initial two packages of balloons (200 in total), a single balloon has a leak.

Was it worth it!? Absolutely. For roughly 12 cents per balloon, it saved me hours of backbreaking time filling these up. I'm definitely buying more! Check it out and have fun!