Scrumptious Mouth Watering Treats at The Bread Basket in Camarillo

The Bread Basket is a tiny little bakery located at the Las Posas Plaza Shopping Center at 83 East Daily Drive in Camarillo. It is easy to miss in a corner location across the parking lot from Taco Bell. But step right in and you are presented with a stunning array of unbelievably decadent pastries, cakes and other baked delicacies, many of which are packed with fresh fruits like strawberries, blackberries and other seasonal local grown produce. In fact, several times I've personally witnessed The Bread Basket staff unload fresh produce off a truck into the store.

We have purchased The Bread Basket birthday cakes for our family and office parties from time to time and they are out of this world mouth wateringly delicious...the cake, the creamy fillings, the fruits and the luscious frostings. You will not go wrong here for an amazing cake, breads and other baked goods.

But let's not stop there! The Bread Basket has delicious sandwiches made on their fresh breads. Every sandwich I've tried there I've like. Recently, I've been quite impressed with this healthy and substantial veggie sandwich featuring cheese, avocado, lettuce, sprouts, carrots, tomato, cucumber, sunflower seeds, etc. Quite filling and simply good to the last bite. They also have turkey, roast beef, ham and the other usual suspects.

A veggie sandwich you can really sink your teeth into at The Bread Basket

You can also order a "box lunch" with a sandwich, side salad, fruit and a decadent chocolate morsel. These are really, really good. I believe the cost of these box lunches is just under $10 (as of November 2010).

There is no space to eat inside The Bread Basket (heck, there's barely room for 8 people to stand) but there are a number of small tables outside (if you don't mind eating 5 feet away from parked cars). You won't be sitting there long though because the food is so good!

The Bread Basket website ( was not functioning at the time of writing this but you can call them at 805.482.1337. Check em out!