Lure Fish House in Camarillo is the Reel Deal

Lure Fish House opened in Camarillo in December 2010 in the Camarillo Town Center. You'd never know this used to be a Coco's when you walk in, with its open and airy feel.

I don't really like writing about eating out but Lure I'll make an exception for. Everything we've tried at Lure is great...the fresh fish, salads, clam chowder, oysters, hot bread, crab cakes, drinks and desserts.

My wife is a fan of oysters and with their oyster bar she is in 7th heaven.  I generally can give or take oysters but with the addition of a little horseradish and sauce, the oysters they served up at Lure were really fantastic.

On a recent Father's Day visit we were treated to outstanding, attentive service. I tried the salmon and my wife ordered me the quinoa salad and sweet potato fries for my sides while I entertained the kids. I'm thinking, she wasted one of my sides on quinoa salad!? What the!? Well I tried it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The fries were good too, as was the salmon.

The youngest kid enjoyed his chicken and rice pilaf while the other one wasn't really keen on the crabcakes my wife convinced him to try. But it worked out great...I enjoyed his crabcakes and he ate half of my salmon. He also tried the jumbo shrimp cocktail before the main course. The shrimp were so big I thought they may eat him.

The bread was served hot...crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. With a pat of butter inside, the kids would have dined solely on that had I not stopped them.

The clam chowder was served hot and delish in a cup. Substantial but not so filling so as to kill my appetite. Just the right amount.

In my multiple visits to Lure I have never been disappointed. I hesitate telling you this here because my wife wants me to keep this her "little" hidden gem. Well there's no hiding quality and Lure will continue "reeling" in customers with its high quality, yet reasonably priced, product.

Lure's street address is 259 W. Ventura Boulevard, Camarillo. Visit their website at or call them at 805.388.5556.

Oh, you know, I almost forgot. The Key Lime Pie. To die for. We purchased one large piece to share and my kids ate that pie like they had been starved for 3 days. My 2 bites were memorable too.