County of Ventura Food Facility Closures in August 2017

The County of Ventura Environmental Health Division (EHD) protects public health and the environment by ensuring conformance with State laws and County ordinances pertaining to food protection, hazardous materials, hazardous waste, individual sewage disposal systems, land use, medical waste, ocean water quality monitoring, recreational health, solid waste, underground fuel tanks and vector control.

The EHD publishes food facility closures at

The following facility closures (exclusive of mobile facilities) were noted in August 2017. Keep in mind when reviewing this that there are many possible reasons for the closures, most of which are very temporary issues.

Corner Pocket 7th & A St Billiards, 658 S. A Street, Oxnard;

Rodent infestation; unsanitary conditions;

Date closed - 08/31/17; Date reopened - 09/01/17

The Galloping Hen, 305 Borchard Dr., Ventura;

Sewage overflowing inside the facility;

Date closed - 08/28/17; Date reopened - 08/28/17

Ranchero Restaurant, 131 W. 2nd Street, Oxnard;

Cockroach infestation, unsanitary conditions;

Date closed - 08/24/17; No reopen date

Barrera's Restaurant & Bakery, 644 S. C Street, Oxnard;

Equipment is inoperable resulting in food temperature violations, unsanitary conditions;

Date closed - 08/21/17; Date reopened - 08/23/17

Ameci's Pizza, 151 Ventura Street, Suite A, Fillmore;

Sewage overflowing outside of the facility; not able to use sinks in order to not generate more wastewater and prevent further sewage discharge;

Date closed - 08/21/17; Date reopened - 08/22/17

Veggie Grill, 3825 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks;

Inoperable refrigeration resulting in unsafe food temperatures;

Date closed - 08/18/17; Date reopened - 08/21/17

Happy Place Pizza, 1255 Saviers Rd., Oxnard;

No valid permit to operate;

Date closed - 08/18/17; No reopen date

Chinaland, 543 S. Ventura Rd., Oxnard;

No water available for hand and utensil washing;

Date closed - 08/17/17; Date reopened - 08/17/17

Big Z, 2428 Stearns Street, Simi Valley;

Cockroach infestation, unsanitary conditions;

Date closed - 08/17/17; Date reopened - 08/25/17

La Central Bakery, 600 Meta St., Oxnard;

Rodent and cockroach infestation resulting in unsanitary conditions;

Date closed - 08/16/17; Date reopened - 08/17/17

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant, 601 S. Oxnard Blvd., Oxnard;

Cockroach infestation, unsanitary conditions;

Date closed - 08/15/17; Date reopened - 08/16/17

Casa de Lago, 715 E. Ojai Avenue, Ojai;

Sewage overflowing outside the facility;

Date closed - 08/11/17; Date reopened - 08/14/17

Lombardo's Deli & Meats, 695 Mobile Ave., Camarillo;

Cockroach infestation, unsanitary conditions;

Date closed - 08/10/17; Date reopened - 08/11/17

Tillie's Hot Dog's & Snacks, 921 Richmond Ave., Oxnard;

Operating beyound the permit limitation;

Date closed - 08/05/17; Date reopened - 08/07/17

Saigon Express, 437 S. C St., Oxnard;

Operating without a valid permit to operate, no plans submitted for changes in menu and equipment;

Date closed - 08/02/17; Date reopened - 08/04/17